Hooters Emily Loves Her Dawgs, Tiger & Charlie Hit The 19th Hole With The Dalys, Plus Snow In Buffalo!

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You’re telling me I get three NFL games, six college football games and Tiger Woods on a cold Saturday?

Are you kidding me with this Saturday sports schedule? This is why I put in all that work on the basement. This is why I bought all those pillows and blankets at Costco. This is why I put up all the TVs. This is why you put in that beautiful bar with all those draft beer taps. This is why you bought that Golden Tee machine and dropped $5,000 on the sectional.

Today is a basement day.

Get the meats smoked. Figure out what you want on your pizzas. Go get your beer.

It’s time to hunker down, especially after going to a white elephant Christmas party last night. By the way, I had a Mexican hot shrimp dish with lime, cucumbers and red onion ceviche dish last night at the party that I need to have more of in my life.

BTW, my white elephant gift that included a Battery Daddy & a foot-long summer sausage from Costco was traded twice (had a two-trade limit) and turned into a huge hit. Once again, the Battery Daddy delivers.

Don’t forget to leave a little something on the patio for the delivery guys

• Derek S. in Indiana writes:

Hi Joe and SC community! So while I appreciate and Envy those that get a break for Christmas?  I was recently complimenting a neighbor on his Christmas decorations. He asked why I didn’t decorate?  I told him the truth: I’m in my 36th season of working for a large shipping company, let’s just call it “The Big O’l Funky Brown”…

We don’t get to enjoy Christmas…We endure Christmas…

I just finished day 5 of 12 straight…We get Christmas Eve off this year because it falls on a weekend… Usually we work…

Other than a few unopened cardboard boxes? If you came in my house it could be a Tuesday in April!  No longer even a tree now that the kids have grown (another “optional” chore in a Busy month)

So while you Happily click away on Amazon or wherever? Just remember that there a a LOT of people giving 115 and doing hard things to get you your stuff…

Merry Christmas to all!  I’m headed to bed (it’s only near 7:30!… Long Saturday ahead)

Before I stumbled onto Screencaps? I thought my Thursday mowing was Genius!  NICE to find like minds….


Hang in there, Derek. I hope those of you who are working straight through the holiday understand that I’m poking fun at the senior VPs who have the next two weeks off work. Screencaps has always been about supporting the blue collars out there who keep this country humming along, especially during the holidays.

Now I need to go get a little something for the Fed Ex, UPS and Amazon drivers. Any ideas? Full-size candy bars?

RipCurl in St. Pete says ‘Don’t air fry your steak’

• RipCurl writes:

Usually stay out of the screencaps argument. Couldn’t resist the one on steaks.

The picture of the air-fried steak is grey. I haven’t seen a grey steak since select grade of beef my mother would make once a month as a “treat” back in the 70s. Don’t get me wrong, air fryers have a lot of good uses. Notably tater tots sprayed with duck fat, but I digress.

No offense to Carl. The weather may have been too harsh to gill or may have run out of propane or charcoal. He seems like a good dude. Plus, he follows the SCs so we are kindred spirits. Would enjoy a brewha with him, I am sure.

But the word steak comes from of guys wearing fur pelts and funny helmets with horns. They took piece of beef raised in Scandinavia and cooked it on a stick. Thing about it, hundreds of years ago, men were standing around a fire admiring Olav’s ability to caramelize ol Elsie. They were probably sucking down meads or whatever else they pilfered from the English isles. Picture you and your buddies slurping down garage beers watching someone man the grill to perfection. That is what we do as men and that is what makes steak great.

So even though Carl took the fast and clean way to get his steak and fries fancy, he missed out on so much more. One could argue that he broke a 500-year tradition of men finding a way to get away from the ladies for at least 20 minutes while standing outside.

More importantly, a good steak costs almost $20 in the Biden economy. If I am throwing around that much cheddar, I am going to treat that piece of gorgeous cow accordingly, on the grill! Here is what a good piece of grilled meat should look like.

Notice the crispy goodness on the outside and the soft red center. This is a flank steak and a tri-tip, not a true “steak”, but you get the drift.

Another way to achieve perfect rareness harmony for the entire inside of the steak is to reverse sear that puppy. Won’t cover how that is done here, but the method is all over youtube. The reverse sear allows you to create a perfectly crispy outside and tender inside. So if you are ever stuck inside or you have no fuel for your grill this is the method. Here are pictures of the finished product.

Sorry for the rant. I will say that the subject made me decide to treat the Mrs. last night with some grilled veal chops, so there was a happy ending….

Enjoy your weekend my friend and keep up the stellar work on the site.

• Bob D. writes:

Could understand cooking a steak in a air fryer if you lived in a apt and had no other option but if i was in that situation would head to a steak house.Top of my list of bad people is someone in express line at grocery store with way over the 10 items on multiple signs i do all our shopping because i am the cook.I do let over the limit customers know they are in wrong line.Merry Christmas!

The Great Shrimp Conspiracy

• Jim M. is back with his latest report on shrimp prices and sizes:

Joe…I’m done….the “World Shrimp Council” is on to me/us. Since you printed my theories, they changed the rules.. they were ready for the backlash and had a plan in waiting…I’m a little guy who can’t keep up with this so called “Shrimp Mafia”…

2 new categories!!!!

Phosphate free???  Wtf did that come from!

And the biggest curve of all… ARGENTINE!!

They’ve worn me down…im done, it feels good to be unburdened.

Also…the wife let me and my oldest to start decorating the tree…here is the result! My hero Bird….and other greats I scored. Aaron, Namath, and Shaq

Everyone, have a great Christmas and may the Pats fire Bluto!

A T Report from the Uzes, France street market

• Mike T. knows what will move the needle. Mike writes:

The daddy of olive wood charcuterie boards at the Uzes street market

The Bahamas Bowl sounds wild



Christmas tree decorations

• Mike W. writes:

Joe, I saw the recent screen cap with a Star Trek ship on a Christmas tree and I had to chime in with my contribution to what has to be an under reported phenomenon of guys going full nerd at Christmas. I actually downsized the display this year and consolidated my collection on to one tree.

My wife won’t allow these ornaments on our main tree so I have my own tree and garland to display 30 years of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC and other random ornaments. I thought I should share a sample of my collection and get the party started. Merry Christmas TNML!


Battery organization truthers

• Chris B. in Houston, Texas writes:

Hi Joe — Not to interfere with your non-sponsored promotion (next time call me before you go live with a topic like this so we can put a little something extra in your stocking!), but here’s how we handle the battery organization situation: once a year, buy one of those multi-packs of 36 or 48 or whatever AA and AAA batteries at your warehouse of choice.

Put the AA’s in a gallon-size ziplock and the AAA’s in a different gallon-size ziplock and put the bags in a shoebox marked ‘batteries.’ (There will undoubtedly be some stray C’s, 9-volts, and probably one of those giant lantern bricks in there for some reason.) Repeat when necessary.

Worst people in the world

• Gauntlet commissioner Michael J. writes:

I have the #1 worst kind of person in the world. 

1. Anybody that doesn’t use the zipper merge method for merging. Wait until the end people! Otherwise you’re just making traffic worse.

Who is buying batteries just to fill their Battery Daddy? That’s like letting your wife buy more shoes just because she has room in her closet for them.  My Battery Daddy is half empty, but I got it for its main use.  To keep me organized. 

Keep up the great work as always sir! 

And that should do it this morning. I’m off to 4th grad basketball and then it’s time for some football. Let’s have a great day. Stay safe. Take an Uber. Get home in one piece.

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