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Memorial Day

After this post, it’s time to head to the local Memorial Day parade about a mile from Fort Meigs where U.S. soldiers fought off the British during the War of 1812. 160 American men lost their lives in that two-week battle so many years ago.

• Mike W. from ABQ writes:

I just wanted to share some photos from our recent trip up the Rhine and our day spent in the Colmar region of Northern France where Audie Murphy made his heroic stand. I didn’t realize this Hollywood actor was the most decorated WWII soldier and what a courageous stand he made. But more importantly, what a contribution the Americans made in this region to liberate the French citizens in the Colmar region.

They thought so highly of the Americans that there are an Audie Murphy Memorial, an American 21st Corps Monument in Kayserberg Vignoble, a Statue of Liberty twin in the town of Colmar, and a very unassuming private WWII Museum in Turckheim. I’m not much of a photographer but these are some of the photos I took that day.

The museum really did a good job displaying the equipment and attire used by the German and resistance forces at the time. It kind of helps one realize what kind of sacrifice was made by the folks who fought that war and what kind of heroes it took to win it.

Checking in from France

• Ripcurl from St. Pete is now based in France:

Hope you are enjoying an awesome Memorial Day weekend. Sorry for the delay in writing, but there was a lot of wine to taste before I could settle into things here.

First win of the trip was getting our boy Sullivan (Sully) over here. He is a year and half old. We took him as a service dog, full air quotes. The pilot came up to us when he saw him. He heard his name was Sully and invited him up to the cockpit.

Not sure why Angela Merkel was sitting by the captain. but we got there safe anyway. Before we took off, the captain saw our boy rolling around the aisle with fellow passengers and declared that he was a “service dog in training”.

The Mrs. didn’t like the amount of wine that I drank on the flight over, but I wanted to get my money’s worth after cashing in so many miles to fly up front. 

She was ok when we had our first late lunch in Paris.

A tasty croque madame.

From there we headed south to the Lot et Garonne region. Pretty remote but really awesome. We decided the first month should be in a quiet place so that we could decompress from all the stress of getting ready for the move.

Along the way, we ran into some coastal progressives:

We’ve gotten settled in this place. Next time I write I will share some of the great food we are enjoying.

F1 vs. Indy

• John from SD writes:

Not even close! Indy 500 claims to be the greatest spectacle in racing. Not even close; every F1 race throughout the year blows away Indy racing (which I grew up a fan of).  Monaco this weekend was a true demonstration of this while Indy was a hot “wreck”.  

PGA/Senior PGA Major: what are the odds that both went to extra holes at the same time on TV coverage? Both grinded out an outstanding playoff win!

Hopefully all have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember the Veterans that served the ultimate sacrifice!

Wokester Nancy Armour

• Anonymous writes:

Every year, Outkick has its Woke tournament. And every year, Nancy Armour is overlooked. While other USA Today columnists have been included.

Dan Wolken? Christine Brennan? They couldn’t win an in-house USA Today Woke All-Star Challenge with Nancy in the field. I have suffered in silence long enough. I didn’t say anything because I was a Gannett employee, and I didn’t want to be a homer.

But I have left Gannett. And it seems Outkick has discovered Nancy with her ultra-left leanings and tortured logic.



  1. It’s true, each year OutKick does have a Woke All-Star Challenge and I run it. Nancy Armour has little name recognition within the social media landscape so she’s typically ignored when it comes time to build a bracket. Within the OutKick ecosystem going back like a decade when Clay started this site, Wolken has been despised.
  2. Clay spoke on Nancy’s Tom Brady nonsense in 2021. And OutKick’s Mark Harris wrote about Nancy calling Tony Dungy a bigot back in January.
  3. Let’s face it, Nancy and Christine Brennan are pretty much clones of each other writing about the same stuff. They hate white men in sports and if they had it their way, sports would be ultra-woke, broke and out of business.


• Jim M writes:

I said I’d never waste $ on water….oh well, looks to good to waste. Damn league makes u do crazy things!!! Love it, keep it up Joe, 


Here in NW Ohio, I’m fairly certain we’re going to start hearing “drought-like conditions” being used by the local TV weather i-Teams. It’s not even June and things are starting to dry up big time with an entire week in the upper 80s to low 90s coming up.

Buckle up!

That’s it this morning. I need to get moving and get the family up to the parade.

Have a great day across this incredible country. Enjoy it in your own special way.

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