Hooters Alex Is Ready For Daytona Weekend, Kathryn Newton Drills An Iron At AT&T Pro-Am & Jet Dryer Issues

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Well, what did you guys think of the Clint Bowyer debut on FS1 last night?

I’ll go ahead and say it — Jeff Gordon’s going to have a problem sharing a booth with Clint Bowyer at some point before the Fox NASCAR broadcast season is over. It might come Sunday. Bowyer made his debut (that I know of) during Thursday night’s duels, and it was so good. He rattles off all sorts of Kansas speak all over Gordon’s corporate speak. Jeff Gordon’s the corporate PR guy who carefully constructs each sentence. Bowyer’s the guy who can keep the campfire party going well into the night when the corporate lawyers are fast asleep.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Gordon dissecting the action like a corporate PR guy dissecting the interview questions he’s dialing up for a client’s podcast appearance. But I’ve told you guys, 2021 is all about getting loose, and Clint’s going to bring it this season. The bad news: the Fox season ends June 13 at the All-Star Race before NBC takes over and puts me to sleep. Seriously, I stop watching the NASCAR season when the Fox season ends. Dale Jr. is really good at what he does, but vanilla NBC drives me crazy. I have tried my best to give it as many shots as possible, but it’s not happening.

That said, I’m going to be soaking up as much Bowyer and Fox broadcasts this weekend as I can. I need more content like Aric Almirola winning a duel and taking a shot at Bowyer and his Chiefs.

• Hope you don’t mind rain delays with your Daytona coverage. Fox will get its mileage out of Bowyer with the weather Daytona is expecting over the next three days. The Weather Channel is calling for at least a 50% chance of thunderstorms over the next three racing days, with an 87% chance on Sunday. Yes, I get how Florida weather works. Just don’t expect to get through the 500 without delays.

• Daytona is expecting 30,000 fans for Sunday’s race, making it the largest event since the ‘VID showed up. Ever been to Daytona? The blue checkmarks don’t have to worry, there is plenty of space to spread out.

• Here’s what shows up for a ‘Cuomo aide’ search on the New York Times. Here’s how CNN is covering the aide news.

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  1. Hopefully the shitboxes at the back don’t cause issues on Sunday. Bowyer is tremendous, they were smart to lock him up after he called the Xfinity races last year. NBC’s coverage is just blah. Half the time can’t tell the difference between Burton and Dale Jr.

    You know you’ve raised your children right when your daughter says “since (her brother) and Mom will be gone on Valentine’s Day, we should go watch the race at Hooters!” Yes we can dear child, yes we can. Side note – she loves their boneless wings.

  2. So, are some of these girls pictures computer generated from the neck up? Obviously, I’m in the dark as to what the newest thing is their doing but I don’t like it, screams fake. I guess it’s just one more step towards us being Capitol city in Hunger games.

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