Homecoming Queen Kicks Extra Point In High School Homecoming Game

We get so many awesome emails from you guys that it’s hard to keep up with all of them, but this one from Robin Simmons is tough to beat. 


“Hi, Clay – I read your column every week, and have dropped you a few emails over the past couple years. I know college football is your forte, but I couldn’t pass up sharing a great high school football story with you.

The link below is to a video of Jodie Farnetti, senior, at tiny West Blocton High School in West Blocton, Alabama. Her dad, Gregg Farnetti, is the head football coach. When Jodie was in 9th grade, she told him she wanted to kick for him, and that she would by the time she was a senior (this year). He told her if she was good enough he would consider playing her. Well, he kept his word, and he let her suit up with the boys. She kicked PATs only, and went 1 for 2.

West Blocton won their homecoming game, 19-7.

Jodie was also crowned homecoming queen during halftime. So the video is of her actual kick, the reaction of her teammates, her dad (he’s in the black jacket and the one she runs to on the sideline), her sister-Jaiden (the blonde on the sidelines who works as a ball girl for the varsity games), and her fellow cheerleaders…yes, she’s a cheerleader, too. I’ve also included a couple pics of ‘the kick’, and her posing with the crown/flowers in her football uniform.

Homecoming queen Jodie Farnetti makes history with her point after touchdown in West Blocton’s Homecoming victory over Oak Grove 19-7.GO TIGERS!

Posted by Brian Wallace on Friday, October 16, 2015

Jodie is an amazing girl. Your typical all American sweetheart. Her mom and I have been best friends for 30+ years. I graduated high school with her dad. The town of West Blocton is often made fun of for it’s small town values and ways, many times referred to as Mayberry (sometimes even by those who grew up there), but I’ve never seen a community support the local HS football team, or really all of the athletics at that school, more than my hometown does. The support they offer to the football team is unmatched, and very evident with the crowd’s reaction to Jodie’s PAT.

Gregg runs the triple option and has ever since he became head coach years ago. This year is his last year as head coach. Jodie was awarded a softball scholarship to a local community college, and he said it was time he gave up the fall months of football for more time with his girls. His team is 4-4 on the year so far. His last season as head coach may not have turned out like he wanted in terms of their record, but he, Jodie, Angie, Jaiden, and the town of West Blocton have a memory they won’t soon forget. Also of note, Sammie Hill played for Gregg. He was drafted by the Lions, and now plays for the Titans.”

It’s like Friday Night Lights come to real life. 

Jodie Farnetti is about to be a viral sensation.

Written by Clay Travis

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