Dr. Oz Special: Super Bowl Sunday Reminds Us We Are Still The Home Of The Brave

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Dr. Oz, football player and Senate candidate.

By Dr. Mehmet Oz, U.S. Senate Candidate 
Special to OutKick

This Sunday, all across America, families like mine will gather to watch the game of all games – the Super Bowl. While sadly, my beloved Eagles won’t be taking the field on Sunday, I’ll be joining the millions of Americans who will be tuning in, whether to watch the beautiful game of football played at the highest level, the halftime show, or even the commercials. 

My favorite part of all the Super Bowl spectacle is the national anthem. It takes me back to my college football days, and a realization I had on the sidelines that has guided my life since. 

Many of you would be surprised to learn that I played college football, but I proudly suited up for my Harvard Crimson, lined up at safety – though I looked far different then weighing in at 205 pounds with a 17-inch neck. 

I love football – it’s America’s pastime. For me, football taught me the sacrifice needed to unify individuals into teams. Rivalries taught me how to push myself to excel and how passion and confidence are necessary to win. It’s a sport that demands resilience but also rewards it.

Like most players, I was nervous before the games. I’d pace back and forth on the sidelines to work my nerves out and one thing that always stood out to me while I was waiting to take the field was the national anthem. 

While there are plenty of inspiring stanzas in our national anthem, there was something that always struck me as a mistake. Why was the last word “Brave”? With some maturity, I now appreciate that brave is the exact right word. 

Given all the attributes of this great nation, closing our national anthem with the word brave is a profound, inspiring choice. 

One of the many things that make America unique is the bravery that is embodied by so many in this great nation. It takes immense bravery to serve your nation in the armed forces, to serve your community in law enforcement, to take risks and start a business, to chase your dream career. Bravery is what makes America special. And we can only be free if we are brave

America is the home of the brave because we are free to pursue our dreams and accomplish anything we wish. We are not limited in our goals or possible outcomes. This nation has allowed generations of its citizens to do the impossible. The unprecedented innovation, ingenuity, and inspiration that has occurred here is a direct result of the bravery that is central to our ethos.

Thinking about bravery as a foundation of the American spirit was a message that resonated with me as someone about to spend their afternoon hitting people at full speed on a football field, and it’s spoken to me at every turn in my life and career. 

I’m proud to watch extraordinary acts of bravery from Americans across our nation every single day. Protecting that spirit that has sustained so many of our nation’s accomplishments is a big reason I feel called to serve as Pennsylvania’s next Senator. 

There are far too many politicians who are afraid to tell the truth and who lack the fortitude to stand for what’s right. They’re too comfortable with the status quo, even though it’s left many brave Americans behind. 

As we watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, we’re bound to see sterling examples of bravery and resilience – whether it’s on the field or off. As they perform the national anthem, I’ll be right back to my college days – contemplating the tremendous bravery that brings Americans together. I hope all Americans will listen to those inspiring words a little differently this year and take some time to appreciate the bravery that we’re fortunate to witness each and every day. 

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  1. Rino or democrat who knows? Either way I’m a hard no on Mehmet, the guy that was born in Ohio, enlisted in the Turkish military instead of the US military, and went on to run in democrat circles for the remainder of his life and is now running as a republican to represent the great state of Pennsylvania in the United States Senate. The guys a shape shifter, and a Trojan horse. We can do better, much better. Pennsylvania, you can do better, you must do better. The future of the nation depends on it.

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