Holy Underwear! His Airness Has Boxers Listed On Auction Site

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If you’ve longed for the opportunity to get closer to Michael Jordan than Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman ever did, you’re in luck. If you’re willing to max out the Amex, you’ll have the opportunity to buddy up next to Michael Jordan’s boys, and I don’t mean Jeffrey and Marcus. A pair of used boxers worn by his Airness are hitting the auction block, giving some would be “winner” a chance to experience Jordan on an entirely new (and creepy) level.

Leland’s auctioneers have officially listed a pair of Jordan’s skivvies on their auction site. The starting bid for MJ’s appropriately branded Jordan boxers is $500.00. Unlike Johnny Kilroy, these drawers are the real deal, per Leland’s listing:

“Unusual item shows definite use as this pair of underwear/compression shorts was worn by Michael Jordan with some loose threads evident at the seams. Originating from a family member of MJ’s ‘Last Dance’ security guard John Michael Wozniak, it even has a dry cleaning tag inside with the last name ‘Wozniak’ as well as a tag that says Michael Jordan, with the iconic last name on the waistband. About as close to greatness as one can get, this is just one of the many items in this auction that were given to Wozniak from MJ himself including suits, ties, belts, and jackets.”

The listing leaves would-be undergarment purchases with more questions than answers. Who dry cleans their underwear? Is it normal for the rich and famous to have security guards handling their unmentionables? What exactly constitutes definite use?

You might never get these answers, but you can still get these undies.


Written by Anthony Farris

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