Hollywood Celebrities Get Naked For Voting PSA

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Hollywood celebrities are desperately trying to one-up LeBron James, who is paying fines so felons can vote for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

They found a way.

In a strange and often disturbing video, naked celebs attempt to raise awareness for “naked ballots.”

Enjoy. Actually, don’t:

I know it’s going to be hard to concentrate on context after that.

Naked ballots refer to ballots that must be thrown away if each step of the mail-in process is not properly performed.

In September, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that if mail-in ballots aren’t enclosed within a “secrecy envelope” removing identifying information, then they will be deemed “naked.”

Translation: naked ballots won’t count as votes for Joe Biden.

By the way, the video is getting roasted, but it did get the country’s attention.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Really pathetic self indulgent fools they are really going to freak when our President gets 4 more years no one cares what these idiots think and the ones pictured nobody wants to see naked not even with clothes on.

  2. Silverman passed Janene Garofalo in the annoying department several years ago (she is better looking, however). Both of their fanboys can usually be broken up into two camps…homely women seen at NARAL rallies, and beta dorks in skinny jeans sitting inside Apple kiosks.

  3. The Oscars & Emmys have faired well the last two years.

    There’s a reason it’s everywhere. From everyone. All of them. For one, half of them don’t even vote themselves…ie NFL players. Not even registered. NBA too probably. Unless you remind the younger generation, and liberals of all ages for that matter, every single day everywhere you look like monitoring a fucking child, they’ll fuck it up. They know they’re dealing with the lowest of low attention span(s) and the laziest humans on earth. Unless they’re protesting, it isn’t all that incentivizing. They won’t show up or forget the date or lose the ballot or something could be going on tik tok. More important shit.

  4. Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer are similar in several ways, not really funny (comedians I’m told – funny is important) and completely gross as humans. What complete turnoffs. Who are you converting or convincing? Anyone.

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