Holly Sonders Unloads On Her Haters Who Miss Golf Channel Holly

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Holly Sonders is once again in a battle with those who want to remember the sportscaster as the Golf Channel Holly Sonders when there’s clearly been an evolution in her life.

Emotions boiled over this week when modern Holly posted a photo of 2011 Golf Channel Holly. It resulted in the usual suspects telling Holly they miss the old Holly.

And we have an instant war.

Holly’s sick of it. She’s no longer Golf Channel Holly. The new Holly is dating Oscar De La Hoya. Golf Channel Holly was married to former ESPN talker Erik Kuselias.

Let’s discuss the word SEXY. People wrongly assume that if you are ‘sexy’ then you are unable to also be kind, smart, monogamous, or accomplished. I experience this negativity all the time and have many friends who deal with it as well,” Sonders wrote Thursday on Instagram. 

“Society likes to believe that those who are sexy are likely promiscuous, devious, brainless, or poor-role models (to name a few negative connotations). This is so insane to me….not to mention factually FALSE. Women don’t have to be matronly hags to be ‘proper’ and ‘accepted’.

“It’s 2022, [F–k] what people think. Be sexy, be bold, be brilliant, make money, make your partner happy and make yourself happy. Wear that extra red lipstick and the low cut top. You don’t need permission.”

Holly, who played college golf at Michigan State, wasn’t quite done with the haters.

Oscar De La Hoya and Holly Sonders attend the 22nd Annual Harold and Carole Pump Foundation Gala at The Beverly Hilton on August 19, 2022 in Beverly Hills. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for Harold & Carole Pump Foundation )
Oscar De La Hoya and Holly Sonders attend the Launch Party For Amare’s ESSENCE Issue Featuring Cover Stars Oscar De La Hoya And Holly Sonders held at Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles on June 23, 2022 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

And to the haters who actually write that I looked better the other way….get some f–king eyeglasses,” she tweeted Thursday before going on with the life she has created for herself.

At this point, I’ve lost track of how many times Holly has gone to war with Golf Channel Holly fans. It’s a recurring theme that seems to fuel modern Holly as she continues on her self-described “Boss Bitch” path that has rewarded her quite handsomely.

During one of her Boss Bitch moments in 2021, Holly started revealing financial numbers as a huge shove it to golf nerds who were badgering her with the typical tweets attacking her look.

Morning Drive Holly Sonders / Golf Channel

“Why are you doing these photos and not golf,” a golf nerd asked on Instagram.

“Because I don’t love golf. I’m not passionate about it,” the former Golf Channel darling explained to guys who used to tune in to see her crank off a driver.

“I also make 20X as much money ‘doing [these] photos’ as compared to my salary at Golf Channel. Literally 20X.”

Based on what a typical OnlyFans model — Holly has her own version of OF — I projected Holly’s 2021 salary to be somewhere in the $2.5 million range, which was probably short-changing the Boss Bitch.

So why does Holly Sonders engage with the golf nerds on social media?

It’s like a rookie cornerback talking trash about how Tom Brady is washed up and needs to go home and be with his family. Then Tom Brady goes out and drops 400 yards and four touchdowns on the rookie. That’s how this Modern Holly vs. Golf Channel Holly war feels to me.

She knows the war is coming and yet she triggers these haters anyway.

It’s rocket fuel to Holly and it’s brilliant.

We keep writing about it and you guys keep clicking on it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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