Holly Sonders Says The Twitter Account For Her Almost Naked Sports League Has Been Shutdown By Jealous Wives

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Holly Sonders has been working hard on putting together a sports league comprised of Instagram models and OnlyFans stars competing in various events while wearing next to nothing.

The league, Exposed Sportz, hasn’t even officially launched yet and its Twitter account has already been suspended. Sonders, a former OutKick contributor, is looking for answers. Although, she has a pretty good idea who is behind shutting down the league’s account.

Holly Sonders Exposed Sportz Naked Sports League
Holly Sonders and Oscar De La Hoya attend The HBO Sports Documentary “The Golden Boy” premiere at the Tribeca Festival. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for HBO)

On Wednesday, Sonders tweeted, “Exposed Sportz hasn’t even launched yet…and so many wives already reported our Twitter account that it got shut down LMAO.”

She then added a warning for those jealous wives, “Tip: this will not prevent your husbands from watching 😂 @ExposedSportz.”

She’s, of course, one hundred percent correct. If, in fact, jealous wives are behind the account being shutdown it’s not going to keep their husbands from tuning in.

The accounts says that it’s “temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy.” Sonders didn’t provide any details as to which part of the media policy had been violated, if she was even informed by the platform.

But she did question the suspension given that there is graphic adult content present on Twitter. She asked in a follow-up tweet, “There is full blown porn on Twitter and WE get shut down?”

Sonders then turned it into some promotion for the league. She expertly added, “This proves just how fucken HOT this league is going to be. I LOVE IT.”

Commissioner Holly Sonders Is Ready To Tackle All Obstacles

Originally set to launch in April, Sonders announced a couple of weeks ago on Exposed Sportz’s Instagram account – which hasn’t been shutdown yet – that the new launch date would be the first week of August.

“I have 10 girls, and we’re going to play seven, eight sports. And when I say sports, some of them want to play basketball or bowling or tennis, but there’s also ping pong,” she said of the league back in May

“There’s also twister. Fun stuff like that, and these are girls who make most their money on OnlyFans or an OnlyFans type of site where some of these girls are making hundreds of thousands of dollars making their content.”

No wonder jealous wives are trying to get the league’s social media shutdown. This is a brilliant idea for a sports league, if she can pull it off, while battling back against those trying to shut it down.

Written by Sean Joseph


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