Hockey Mom Scales Glass To Hit Referee During Play

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Anyone who has ever been around them knows that hockey parents are a different breed.

Maybe it’s because they get up at ungodly hours to drive their kids several hours for away games. Maybe it’s just the lengthy exposure to freezing temperatures and Zamboni fumes.

Whatever the case happens to be, they can be wild.

We’ve got one such hockey mom in the Great White North — specifically Trois-Rivières, Quebec — who put on an unprecedented display of hockey mom-ness.

In case you can’t read French, here is what happened.

This woman wasn’t happy that the game clock wasn’t running, and took it upon herself to let the official know by scaling the glass in her heels and giving the ref a few taps on the helmet.

Of course, the ref doesn’t control the clock. That person running the clock is about 85-100 feet away (26 to 30.5 metres to all you Canadians out there) in the scorer’s box.

There’s nothing the on-ice official could do aside from whistle play dead, and go have a chat with the parent who volunteered their time to run the clock and fell asleep on the job.

Local barns across the continent have seen parents get bent out of shape over the incorrect running of the game clock. (Getty Images)

This Isn’t How You Should Behave… But The Frustration Is Justified

While I don’t agree with this her methods, I can certainly relate to her frustration.

Oh, boy, can I relate…

I played hockey as a kid and remember this scenario unfolding many times. However, I never saw a woman stop down the bleachers in high-heeled boots and scale the glass to smack the ref on the head.

It got close a few times though.

Her kid’s team was winning. If they weren’t, she would’ve sat quietly with her hands folded hoping no one catches on until after her son’s team nets a tying goal.

This lady wanted that clock to run down to 0 and she wants it done ASAP.

Her poor son (whose name if this happened in the US would 100% be Brady. I don’t know why, but that’s just how it works) was likely embarrassed by his mom’s antics, but at least she cares about his games.

That should count for something.

The only problem is perhaps she cares way too much.

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