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Why I’d be honored to receive one of these

• Greg M. in Tennessee writes:

We made a bunch of these things years ago and we “overran” the order. I have saved these for years in the storage area of our facility. We have donated a few over the years for charity events, silent auctions, etc. I have a handful left and would be honored to send one to you.

I can’t think of a better use of it. If you will email me your address, I will get it sent out to you. My only request is that you send me a pic of it standing in your garage on the next beer night! Love the Screencaps column and the great content! Keep it up!


It was an instant ‘yes’ out of me. Are you kidding me? That’s one of the most intimidating garage displays in the history of garage displays. I’m thinking of pulling my wife’s grocery getter sled out of the garage on league night so people drive by and see Dale standing guard while I’m out mowing.

This is going to turn heads in the neighborhood and the guy down the street who drives a brand new Corvette might have no choice but to stop and have a chat.

The Linkedin craze

• You guys are out of control. This many people shouldn’t be looking for my profile. I’m even receiving messages from Linkedin Screencaps vets who are tracking my ‘Connection’ count. This has gotten out of control, folks!

That said, you guys have some impressive titles over there. Many of the new connections have intimidating titles and huge responsibilities I couldn’t fathom, especially the military types.


• Scott S. in Chester Springs, PA writes:

Where I live in Pennsylvania, there aren’t too many bike paths to ride on … but when I do encounter a path here or quite frankly anywhere, it’s usually not just for bikes.  I get it … I’m an avid cyclist and I always try to abide by the rules of the road and I hate when there are idiots that ride 3 deep across the lane or even singles who take more than their share of the road but just as you and I don’t appreciate their ignorance and/or arrogance, there are people on the bike paths that do just the same things to the cyclists trying to get a good sweat going: the dog-walkers on the right side with Fido totally on the left … leash blocking the whole lane, the members of the housewife walking league who need to walk side by side in the middle of the trail, the proud Mom and Dad with Jimmy on the trike weaving left and right and let’s not forget the 3 generation family who needs to block as much of the path as possible just so we know they are all together! 

My advice to you:  take a deep breath, understand that YOU wouldn’t do something as stupid as that and move on.  Happy Trails!


I thought for sure the cycling topic would die out within 36 hours. It’s been like 120 hours and counting and the emails haven’t stopped.

On Memorial Day weekend

• Craig V. writes:

I know you have a lot of service members that read the Screencaps. I am hoping that you can help me relay to all of those that have served a truly heartfelt thank you to them for their sacrifice. I try to make a point to thank every current and former member of the military every chance I get. The thing that always blows me away is the level of humility they all have. It’s usually met with something along the lines of it’s my pleasure serving.

Ever since I moved back to Indianapolis, I have played golf on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. As me and my friends tee off that day, I always play “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” by Toby Keith. Tomorrow’s forecast does not look optimistic, but I can guarantee that if we have a window those on the first tee will hear that blaring.

Thank you again to all that have served and are currently serving. We are eternally grateful to you and your families for all you do!

On life in Chi-raq & the first year of marriage advice

• Brandon G. checks in once again from Chicago:

Thanks for publishing my email! What an honor. I hope Aaron finds a good buyer that keeps the farm together.

You are absolutely right that almost all Chicagoans have very few brain cells; they elected that absolute clown Lightfoot didn’t they? The city is a free-for-all nowadays thanks to Lori and States Attorney Kim Foxx who allows those accused of felonies to be released on as little as $500 bail. For those outside the city that want a REAL look at the crime wave sweeping through, I recommend browsing

Covid crazies are still thriving in Chicago too. I see more and more masks at the grocery store and the thousand-yard-glare of judgement tossed my way for not submitting to “the current thing.” My fiancé and I were even yelled at by strangers in the winter of 2021 for not masking outside!

We are looking to evacuate Chi-raq and join Clay in Franklin or elsewhere in Middle Tennessee after our wedding in November. Hopefully real estate cools off by then!

PS – Would love to hear advice for the first year of marriage from you and your wise readership.


That’s a very timely question because next weekend my wife and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Thinking back to our first year of marriage, which is hard, I think the key was to just keep doing what we had been doing — traveling, working hard, taking the dog on walks at the park, watching football while she watched some movie.

We definitely traveled quite a bit. I don’t remember there being first-year of marriage structure. I do remember poker nights at the house with old salty dog coworkers from the newspaper.

Look, I think both sides need to go into the first year of marriage with an understanding that there won’t be awards handed out at the end of the 365 days. Guys shouldn’t think that they’re golfing with the boys every Friday and Saturday through the summer and the wives need to understand that the guys need some alone time.

Ladies, we will go nuts if we have to attend 40 weddings for your sorority sisters over an 18-month period.

But that’s all stuff that should have been understood going into the marriage.

June’s official song according to Mike T. in Idaho

• Mike writes:

New month, new TNML theme song suggestion. Kenny Chesney’s first #1 song!

“She thinks my tractors sexy”

End of the school year

• Ron L. in Georgia writes:

Good morning!

I’m not going to waste everyone’s time spewing my opinions regarding current events, but as the school year ends across the country, please spread the word to all your loyal followers to Thank their kids’ teachers.  My wife’s an elementary special ed teacher and I don’t know how she does it.  All I do is teach Alg. 2 & Pre-Calc and she doesn’t know how I do it!!  All of us bring something different to the table and I hope parents out there really appreciate all we do!

It’s been one hell of a year, add the last couple covid years and, well….we deserve the garage beers!! 

Cheers!!  And maybe I’ll run into you in the ‘Burg over Father’s Day Weekend.


To the teachers who read Screencaps, and there are a bunch…I’m talking to a level I didn’t expect, have a great summer. Sit there on the patio listening to the birds chirp, let the sun on a random Tuesday at noon hit your face, pour yourself a cocktail around 2:30 and clear your heads.

Speaking of that, I need some of that time as well. This job clearly isn’t teaching kids and managing the inner-workings of the school system, but I’m absolutely happy to have made it all the way to Memorial Day weekend after a seriously long run from New Year’s Day. There was the Bengals’ surprise playoff run that led to working for approximately 40 straight days.

That then led into the transition to a full-time Fox News Corp. employee which brought about weeks of watching HR videos, meetings for meetings and a massive volume of information to consume over a 6 to 8-week period.

I won’t say I’m burnt out because this is my dream job and I can’t believe I’m fortunate enough to do this for a paycheck, but I’m happy it’s summer. I need those early out Fridays — BAD. And I’m sure a majority of you are in the same boat. Many of us are taking on the work of 2-3 employees. I hear from many of you who are toast right now.

And with that in mind, I’m closing down Screencaps for the morning so I might have a chance to do jet out of in a few hours.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Enjoy those grill sessions. Enjoy the racing Sunday. And keep those Memorial Day emails coming. It’s going to be an open forum for Monday’s post.

Take care.


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