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Weekend recap and field report from Indianapolis

What does Spring Break look like when Spring Break is the busiest time of year for Mrs. Screencaps at her job? You have to come up with fun stuff to do over weekends and it just happens I came across the Indianapolis Children’s Museum — and it turns out a Minecraft exhibit just opened a few weeks ago.

For our kids, learning they were going to a Minecraft exhibit was pure joy, but by the end of the trip I couldn’t have been happier with what they thought was the highlight of the trip — the outdoor sports complex.

Observations and analysis from the museum:

• The kids loved the Minecraft exhibit and it’s very well done, but it’s not huge to the point where the kids need to spend all day walking around looking/playing a video game at the museum. Yes, they sat down for 10 minutes at a gaming station. Yes, they spent about 10 minutes playing at another station where Minecraft was projected on a screen that was somewhere around 100″.

• In the first proud moment of the day, when we said it was time to move along, they were ready. Win #1.

• After a stroll through the American Pop exhibit aimed at 1980s and 1990s memorabilia — yes, parents in their late 30s and 40s will start to feel like dinosaurs looking at objects from the early 2000s now appearing as museum pieces — the kids were ready to see the outdoor sports complex.

• First up, a trip through the hockey exhibit where the boys were able to hit some slappers on a virtual hockey net.

• Then it happened. Utopia. The most incredible playground my kids had ever seen and a playground that every dad out there needs to experience — the Children’s Museum sports complex on a beautiful blue sky day with temps somewhere around the mid-50s.

• Basketball courts, tennis courts, a football field where you can kick field goals on regulation goal posts, kids destroying tackling dummies, dads throwing post patterns to their kids laying out for catches, a running track that has to be a quarter-mile, a glorious Wiffle ball field, an ice-less hockey rink to shoot pucks, an artificial turf soccer field, multiple mini-golf courses on PEDs, pedal cart racing, pedal cart drag racing, a giant fake tree for kids to climb up into and I’m sure I’m missing some sport.

• Guys, I’m not trying to blow smoke up your ass here — #notsponsored — you have to get your sports-obsessed kids to this complex to go nuts. If you’re within four hours, it’s 100% a weekend trip you should be scheduling.

• My 10-year-old, who likes sports, but he’s not obsessed with sports, damn near made me cry when he wished he could go back to the baseball field and hit again as his mother insisted on seeing the dinosaurs to balance out all the testosterone that was flowing.

• Yes, my son drilled some teenager who insisted on standing next to me while I was throwing BP. She was screwing around with throwing balls into the basket when she took one off the grill. Sorry. You need to move along and get out of the way when a kid is up there trying to crush one over the 20-foot outfield fence.

You can see my son in the batter’s box reacting to Tiffany (or whatever her name was) getting smoked in the cheek. Gotta have your head on a swivel.

• Sunday, I learned my 6-year-old really wants to play tennis. Had no idea. He BEGGED us to stand in line to wait on a court.

• The best part about the complex is that it’s pretty much self-guided. If your kid wants to shoot 500 shots on the basketball courts and kick 200 field goals, go for it. Yes, the tennis courts have timers to keep people moving along, but the hockey was unlimited, the soccer was play until you can’t move, and the putt-putt was the same way.

• Incredible follow-thru with the putter from my 6-year-old. He put this one to about 4-feet just off the green after catching the slope down the right side of the fairway.

• Both kids were asleep by the time we got on I-69N for the ride home. It was a successful day.

On the ride home, the discussion turned to what’s next? That Wiffle ball field up in Wisconsin is very tempting. I’m thinking the wilds of SE Ohio and maybe West Virginia could be on the radar as well.

Hey Bud Light:

I try to get away for a weekend and I come back to pissed-off Bud Light drinkers and people asking me if I’ll now stop drinking Busch Light over the nonsense we saw out of Anheuser-Busch who hired this dude Dylan Mulvaney, who is making bank dressing up and acting as a woman, as an influencer.

Guys, I might have to make a drastic life decision soon. Let me process all of this. I’m still riding a high from the Indy sports complex.

Then there’s this:

And I need to address the women’s basketball taunting controversy:

First of all, congratulations to women’s basketball on dominating the sports discussion this weekend thanks to Caitlin Clark. Am I triggered over the taunting that took place at the end of Sunday’s national championship game? Absolutely not.

The first time I watched Clark play was Friday night and it didn’t take long to realize she plays with a cocky edge and is pretty much setting herself up to be taunted back. Then it happened Sunday. Caitlin is a big girl. She doesn’t need bloggers defending her.

Was it a little extreme for the LSU player to follow Clark around while taunting? That’s open for debate, but I’m going to say this is good for women’s basketball if it wants to draw in new viewers. You need villains and now you have that element. There are those that hate the LSU player. There are those who hate Clark.


I’m not losing sleep over this one way or the other.

• John from SD writes:

Wanted Iowa to win that game for many reasons and for the B1G. I can’t root for anything SEC related and especially LSU and Bama (with the exception of Livvy Dunne)!  With that said, lights out shooting by the tigers, draining those 3’s was impressive. I don’t think you can have a bigger diversity between the two teams in respective to players, coaches, and representation (looks).

The constant fouls (whistles) made me flip the channel back to golf several times. I’m glad the announcers and halftime crew addressed this. The clown suit and attitude of the LSU coach was insufferable. Really wish the Cavinder twins were in the final! How in the hell are they (the twins) tied into one of the leading NCAA NIL investigations while TA$M is out there?

Wish a #9 seed FAU would have made it: true Cinderella if they didn’t go cold down the stretch. 

Millennials and photo albums

• Millennial Mike B. writes:

I recently went through all the old photo albums that my parents had. Each album was a hefty 10 lbs. We had to dust them off but the reminiscing was golden. 

As a millennial, I prefer to take all my photos & videos from my phone and compile them into 3-4 minute highlight reels. This makes it easy to remember the good times, the videos can be shared with anybody and it is stored forever on the cloud (YouTube)! 

Good luck to the anonymous Screencaps reader who’s working the Masters to get a Masters experience because he can’t get tickets through the gates

• Anonymous writes:

Work starts tomorrow (Sunday). It’s a hybrid training/work day since it’s the women’s amateur. Uniform pickup today was a breeze. It’s a well oiled machine. I was expecting a bag with a shirt, jacket, credential a parking pass and they bring out this pseudo hanging bag with 4 shirts instead of just one. First class all the way. Augusta was hopping this Friday afternoon. Looking forward to the week.

That’s it this morning.

Enjoy this first week of April. The birds are on the feeders. The grass is sprouting. The plants are coming up. Spring has sprung. The Masters are back. Life is good this week.


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