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Let’s get the day started with some odds & ends

• Let’s start with the lumber market since so many of you have been invested in that story over the last couple of years. We’re back to June 2020 lumber futures. What a ride it has been for those of you who want to frame a basement — or build something a little bigger. From the look of things, you should be seeing the 2X4 price coming down at the big box stores.

• No matter how many times I see Rio Las Vegas photos and updates cross my screen, I’m always blown away by how it appears inevitable they’ll eventually blow up the place and sell the land to developers. This week, it was reported the A’s turned down 22 acres of land on The Rio site that was going to be handed over for $1 in order for the team to build a ballpark.

I feel bad for those of you who didn’t get to experience this place during the days when the seafood buffet was hopping and the World Series of Poker was in town. Oh, and the dancers would throw beads from the Show in the Sky.

It’s sad to see it all end like this.

• Now I know what Chuck Knoblauch went through when he lost the ability to throw a baseball from second base to first base. After approximately 40 minutes of non-stop batting practice last night, I just couldn’t hit the plate. I’m not going to use the excuse that the strike zone for 9 & 10-year-olds is minuscule and these kids don’t swing at the high fastball. I just flat-out lost my stuff.

Jackson Mahomes –– I don’t take great pleasure in people being arrested, but Wednesday felt like a culmination of everything I’d been writing about that toolbag for the last 2-3 years. And to his enablers, you bear some responsibility for him being in this predicament. I’m looking straight at his sister-in-law who thought it was super funny when Jackson acted like a complete idiot in NFL stadium suites — for the content. Now look at what you morons have created.

Barstool –– I see there’s major drama over the firing of one of the content creators who uttered the ‘n-word’ while reciting rap lyrics and how Dave Portnoy was told to fire the guy by PENN management. I also saw how social media tough guys are saying this is the end of Barstool and how Portnoy sold out and ruined the brand. Dave did the same thing anyone with his/her head screwed on straight would have done. He took hundreds of millions for his company.

For those of us who started sites in the mid-to-late 2000s, this was the whole idea.

Those who looked at their sites as some holier than thou, I’m not in it for the money, holy lands of great virtue are either no longer in business or they have a site that is worthless these days.

I remember being lectured by people who had my cellphone number that I was a sellout for leaving Busted Coverage and everything I’d built to come to OutKick. Business is business. I saw a better deal. Either you’re playing the game or you’re being run over. I refuse to be run over.

Mrs. Screencaps made her T-ball coaching debut last night for our 6-year-old’s team by running a “Ready, Aim, Throw” drill station for the coaches who needed extra help. She says the hardest part was getting the 6-year-olds to listen — imagine that — and not walk in front of the other kids who acted when she said, “Throw!”

Welcome to my world with 9 & 10-year-olds, Mrs. Screencaps.

• Mike T. thought I’d enjoy this headline. He’s right, it’s Pure Florida.


• Scott S. writes:

It figures.

• E.T. writes:

I came across some videos on Facebook for Tim the lawnmower man. He goes around finds neglected lawns and offers to mow then for free. Thought it might be a good addition to your club.

Employees who don’t care

• Dave M. writes:

Regarding driving by houses, etc… I had an old boss who would nonchalantly walk prospective employees out to their car after the interview to take a peek at how they maintained their car, was it clean inside, etc.

He was a grade-A douchebag, but I loved that move. Without a doubt, he hired or didn’t hire people based on that little trick.

Bud Light

• Geoff R. writes:

Joe:  Always enjoy the daily SCs post as you know.  I agree with Duncan – something is up with the Budweiser distributors. I too am seeing shortages of Mich Ultra Infusions that I typically drink (pending finding a like kind replacement) at a couple of local grocery stores. 

Plenty of other Budweiser products that are not selling (Bud Light leading the way, of course).  Not sure how this helps the distributors by pulling back on service but it is happening.

On a side note, I was at a comedy show (Leanne Morgan) at a local theater a couple of weeks ago and the concession areas had only 2 drafts – Miller Lite and Bud Light.  Miller Lite ran out shortly after we got there (before the show even started) and they offered me Bud Light. 

I refused and asked for a discount on a canned product.  They proceeded to offer me Bud Light 2 for 1…………


I’m starting to wonder if we might be seeing the end of Bud Light because, as some have pointed out, you’re on the receiving end of a beating from your buddies if you buy a Bud Light at a bar, especially if it’s in a bottle and advertising itself as a Bud Light.

Anheuser-Busch/InBev was supposed to release its Q1 numbers this morning which won’t tell us anything about the Dylan Mulvaney PR disaster, but there’s no denying that the move into the trans influencer world has completely backfired on the brand.

Now it’s a matter of whether Bud Light can hold on through the summer or if this is a dead brand.

• Aaron H. writes:

Shout out to Greg B: my lightweight Echo backpack blower in 19 years and still starts on one pull.

Re: AB, Miller Lite has a new package offering, might be a coincidence, might not. At my local Thornton’s, they have twelve 16-oz aluminum for $14.99, the same price as Bud Light twelve 12oz.

Anonymous #1 reacts to your suggestions that he could deposit his Masters check via mobile banking

• Anonymous #1 writes:

The idea of mobile depositing never occurred to me. I have most everything direct deposited and what few checks I get I cash/deposit at the bank.

I’m a retired estimated tax payer so I’ll still have most everything withheld in future Masters employment and treat it as an estimated payment.

But, with this pro tip in my back pocket, I won’t play it so close next time. Thanks Vince A. and John C. and the collective wisdom of the SC community for having my back. 

Who wants to get into a deep conversation?

• Bill H. unleashes some intellect with this one:

The Cloward-Piven Strategy, as I am informed, is ultimately a means of revolution, in that, if legislation does not bring about near-term, intended fundamental change to a government, then that nation should spend its way into oblivion to initiate that desired change of the revolutionaries. 

Please ask AP (Dr?) Jared if he believes the Cloward-Piven Strategy is in full force and if, if so, could it soon be reaping its chaotic and totalitarian reward?

In other words, how many more trillions of dollars in debt can this country accumulate before its ultimate collapse?

Silvia Fune Appreciation Society

It’s growing.

• Joe H. writes:

Hi Joe, Thanks for making us aware of Silvia Funes in the past generally and today specifically. I’m going to have to postpone some driving errands this morning until my eyeballs unfog but what a small price to pay!

The Age of AI

• Patrick M. writes:

I think your job is safe. When does AI fact-checking start?

And that’s it for this beautiful Thursday morning. The kids are three weeks out from the end of the school years. I have a pile of flagstones being delivered tomorrow morning. Opening Day is Saturday. The birds are chirping and I need to go shopping for a new, bigger patio TV.

Spring is in the air and the rain is gone. It’s gameday.

Let’s have a good one.


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