USC QB Commit's Parents Separated So He Could Play in Georgia, But He Still Might Not Be Eligible

So this is one of those stories where you have to do a double-take to make sure that we're in real-life, but here goes.

1) We told you in August about Jake Garcia, the USC quarterback commit who moved from California to Georgia so he could play high school football this season.

2) Per Georgia High School Association (GHSA) rules, in order to be immediately eligible, Garcia had to move along with his "entire parental unit or persons he/she resided with at the former school, and the student and parent(s) or persons residing with the student live in the service area of the new school."

3) Garcia's father was able to move with him, but his mother could not due to work. Thus, his parents told ESPN's Mark Schlabach that they legally separated and plan to get back together after football season. "It's been hard, but it's worth it," Garcia's mother Yvonne said. "It's a sacrifice and it's worth it."

4) Garcia played in the first game for Valdosta High School, but sat out Week 2. Valdosta coach Rush Propst said Garcia sat out this past week due to a lower-leg injury. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that the GHSA is investigating whether Garcia is indeed eligible under the letter of the "entire parental unit" law.

What a wild time to be alive.

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