Ref Destroys Fan Who Came Out Of The Stands As All Hell Breaks Loose In OKC

What a weekend it was on the travel basketball circuit where we had a coach, player and fans beat up a ref in Kansas City and now we have this footage out of Oklahoma City where a fan, who came out of the stands to tangle (some are saying keep the peace) with a ref, was absolutely destroyed by the ref's partner with one of the most lethal blindside rights in travel basketball fight history.

That was a long sentence, but it sets the scene at Score OKC where the fight took place, according to eyewitnesses who recorded the action as it went down.

"I was there on the other court! This was all over a tech the coach received then he came on the floor and headbutted the ref instead of leaving the floor the score was 28-26 ... they were winning now the whole organization loses," one Facebook user wrote Monday.

Now, let's keep in mind that the video being passed around shows the ref knocking out a dad, but what it doesn't show is the dad deciding to enter the fray before he is flattened.

Let's go to the first piece of footage -- the flattening -- before we dive into the longer version of the fight.

Next up we have the full footage of the incident as uploaded by Dominique Jamelle.

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