Michigan High School Running Back Turned Into Derrick Henry During Incredible TD

I'll start by saying this is the best resolution out there for an incredible touchdown run Friday night from Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills sophomore Key Gibson (6'1, 235) in a game against Cedar Springs. It's been a tough 0-5 season for G.R. Ottawa Hills, but the performance out of Gibson on this 55-yard touchdown catch and run shows there are kids out there giving 110% for their schools even during hard times.

Cedar Springs might've won the game 46-22, but that's irrelevant right now. You guys need to see the different stages of Derrick Henry that Key goes through during this run: the stiff arm, running through tackles, carrying defenders, bullying defensive backs. After watching the tape several times, it appears Gibson ran through seven tackles on his way to the endzone.

By the way, did you see what Henry did to the Texans Sunday? The 94-yard touchdown run where he pulls away from defenders? Kids like Key Gibson have an incredible role model to look up to at the position. It's a better world when football guys are trying to do their best Henry impression when they get the pigskin.

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