Iowa HS Basketball Player Arrested For Vicious Handshake Line Attack

A 17-year-old Iowa high school basketball player has been arrested on a Willful Injury - Causing Serious Injury Class C felony after a Tuesday night incident in the handshake line when the teen started punching his opponent. In a video of the handshake line, the teen from Carlisle (IA) High School can be seen punching a Nevada (IA) player in the stomach and then drilling the player in the mouth.

According to the police report, the punch to the mouth led to a "serious enough concussion to render him unconscious." The victim also needed four stitches for a cut on his mouth.

"It was a very unfortunate and disturbing situation," Nevada Community School District Superintendent Steve Gray told Local 5 ABC in Ames. "Fortunately, it sounds like our student-athlete is going to be alright."

The Des Moines Register reports that this was Nevada's season opener.

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