Idaho High Schooler Wins Two State Titles In Two Different Sports In Two Different Cities 130 Miles Apart In Less Than 10 Hours

Nobody had a better Saturday than Brody Burch. He won two state championships in two sports in two cities, all in less than 12 hours.

Burch lives in Pocatello, Idaho, a town of about 60,000 in the southeastern corner of the state. He attends Pocatello High School, a school with an enrollment of 1,254 students, and stars for the Thunder baseball team as a pitcher while also running track and field.

On Saturday afternoon, Burch lined up at the 5A/4A state track meet for the 800-meter dash around 3:30 p.m. The event was held in Meridian, just outside of Boise.

Burch won. That was the first state championship of the afternoon.

As Burch was dusting his competition in the 800, the Pocatello baseball team was stepping into the box for the 4A State Championship in Twin Falls. He was still in Meridian.

The two cities are separated by 137 miles.

As soon as Burch crossed the finish line (first) in the 800-meter, he and his family hopped in the car and drove over to the Boise airport. Brody's father, Greg, used to serve as a forest firefighter and flew planes in the state. Thus, he knows other people who flew planes in the state.

After the race in Meridian, the Burch family met a pilot friend of Greg's on the airstrip. They took a private jet over to Twin Falls, hopped in the car, rushed over to the baseball game, and arrived around the second inning.

Burch switched uniforms, got warmed up, and entered the game in relief in the fourth of seven innings. He was lights out from there.

Idaho's newly-crowned 5A/4A 800-meter champion struck out four batters in three innings and added a few crucial hits. Pocatello won the state championship, Burch's second of two in the same day.

The dogpile was on!

Nobody had a better Saturday than Brody Burch. Nobody.