High School Football Players Who Carried Thin Blue, Thin Red Line Flags Awarded Scholarships

Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley, the Little Miami, Ohio high school football players who were suspended from the team after carrying thin blue line and thin red line flags onto the field for a game on 9/11 after being told they weren't allowed by school administrators, have been awarded scholarships.

The Holiday for Heroes organization announced this week they have awarded the football players, whose suspension was dropped by the school, scholarships for their actions. Holiday for Heroes says it "awards scholarships to children of military and first responders who have had their lives affected by their parents' service to our country and communities." Williams' father is a police officer while Bentley's father is a firefighter.

"Brady and Jared are true PATRIOTS, the did something last Friday that showed they are far beyond their years," Holiday for Heroes said in its Facebook announcement. "These men stood up for a cause they believe in. As they took the field with flags in hand it reminded us how we felt 19 years ago, heartbroken yet strong and united. It is for this reason Holiday for Heroes has chosen Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley as two of our 2020 scholarship award recipients."

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