Georgia HS Football Player Born Without Hands Catches Pass In Playoff Game

Bainbridge (GA) freshman wide receiver JamauriWilliams isn't letting the fact that he was born without hands stop him from playing wide receiver and making plays on the football field. Williams, who told WCTV his mindset is to "brush the haters off," caught his first varsity pass December 1 during Bainbridge's 42-0 playoff win over Macon Westside. 

Williams caught a touchdown pass on the freshman team and has also served as varsity kicker. As you can see from the playoff catch footage, this isn't some sort of charity moment for the 9th grader. He's getting thrown around like any other kid out there, and his mother, Colby, loves where Jamauri's career is headed.

“I’m very proud. I never treated him any different. He was never raised to think any different than if he had ten fingers, two hands,” she told WCTV.

That's the beauty of Jamauri, who's called Flip by friends and family, and his playoff catch story. The defender who threw Flip to the ground had a job to do, whether the receiver had two hands or not. Flip got up, went about his business and could have more opportunities to see action in 2020. Bainbridge won Friday night 43-0 to move on in the Georgia AAAA playoffs.

"Y’all don’t understand how proud I am of my Baby.. through it all I NEVER DOUBTED HIM," Colby Williams added on Facebook.

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