Bryce James, LeBron's Youngest Son, Set To Cash-In On Massive NIL Valuation After Signing With Klutch Sports Group

LeBron James' youngest son, Bryce, is only 15 years old but his earning potential is already greater than most athletes who are twice his age or older. With the large opportunity for financial gain in the forefront, the Sierra Canyon sophomore took a big step toward cashing-in on Monday.

Bryce James signed with Klutch Sports Group, the player agency founded by LeBron's best friend and agent Rich Paul. It was announced on Twitter with the hashtag #NIL, indicating that Klutch Sports will handle his negotiations within the Name, Image and Likeness space.

Bryce, who is a few years away from making a decision on where to go to college, is set to make a small fortune before even sniffing an NBA contract. His older brother, Bronny, is currently a top-50 recruit and rated as a four-star prospect.

Even though he has yet to commit to a school, the high school senior has a lofty NIL valuation. Bronny is estimated to be worth approximately $7.5 million in annual value, per On3 Sports.

Bryce James might be better than Bronny and could be worth more in the long-term.

Bryce, who is three years younger, is already estimated to be worth more than $1 million. That number is only going to continue to skyrocket.

In addition, he may be a better prospect than Bronny, which would also help his NIL earning potential. He was listed at 6-foot-6 over the summer and it's easy to see why he is already in high demand.

Bryce, because of his last name and athleticism, is already a star. By signing with Klutch, he will be able to follow in his brother's shoes and capitalize on endorsement opportunities.

Bronny has deals with Nike and Beats by Dre. Considering that their dad is signed with the former, it is easy to imagine that Bryce will sign with the swoosh as well.

Klutch allows Bryce to get in the NIL space with ease and it's going to prove lucrative!