Absolute Mayhem Unfolds As Georgia High School Football Playoff Semifinal Ends In All-Time Insane Walk-Off Lateral Play

Although 'Friday Night Lights' is associated with Texas because of the show, high school football in Georgia is equally as crazy, if not crazier than that of the Lone Star State. On Friday night, an all-time finish unfolded in the Semifinal round of the GIAA Class AAA Playoff.

With about 15 seconds left in the game, Brookwood High School led Deerfield-Windsor School 21-20. Down by one point, the Knights had the ball at their own 40-yard-line. It didn't look good for their hopes of making the state championship.

And then the mayhem ensued between Deerfield-Windsor and Brookwood in the Georgia Class AAA Playoff.

Quarterback Lan Sceals took the snap, dropped back in the pocket, and threw over the middle. The pass was nearly picked off, but slipped past the defender's hands. Wide receiver Boles Middleton came down with the catch and lateraled back to Chance Bacon.

As Bacon was being brought down, he chucked the ball over his head back to about the 25-yard-line. The loose ball bounced on the field for a moment before Sceals picked it back up and threw over to Ethan Johnson.

Johnson, who caught the backward pass just inside the 25, had some room down the sideline and took off running. The clock had expired so he had to go 75 yards and score.

That's exactly what he did. The Knights sideline exploded in jubilation after advancing to the Georgia state championship, however there were multiple flags on the field.

All of penalties were on the defense. The touchdown stood. Deerfield-Windsor won.

After the game, head coach Jake McCraw spoke about what was supposed to happen. He called a hook-and-ladder play that was supposed to put Deerfield-Windsor in field goal range.

"The play was to get the ball to Boles Middleton who would then flip it to Chance Bacon and hope to get us into field goal range," said McCraw to the Albany Herald.

That is not what ended up happening. At all. Insanity in Georgia.