Hero Throws Pizza At New York City Hall After Wokes Attack ‘Wood-Fired Ovens’ To Cut Carbon Emissions

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Give us pizza or give us death.

That was the battle cry Monday outside New York City Hall from Scott LoBaido, who staged his own protest against a proposed city ordinance that would specifically target coal and wood-fired pizza ovens.

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection says the new rules would cut emissions by up to 75% and noted that wood and coal stoves “are among the largest contributors of harmful pollutants in neighborhoods with poor air quality.”

Scott LoBaido launches his New York City Pizza Party attack on city hall with several slices of pizza during a Monday protest. / Twitter

“This common-sense rule, developed with restaurant and environmental justice groups, requires a professional review of whether installing emission controls is feasible,” Ted Timbers (real name) of the city’s environmental protection department told the NY Post.

Add it all up and LoBaido, who describes himself a a “patriot” and “#1 freedom fighter,” hit his breaking point Monday and started launching pizza like it was a modern-day Boston tea party.

“The woke ass idiots who run this city are doing everything in their power to destroy it,” LoBaido said as his protest began.

He was just getting started.

“The world used to respect New Yorkers as tough, thick-skinned and gritty. Now we have become pussified. It’s a damn shame. You’ve heard of the Boston Tea Party? Well this is the New York pizza party. Give us pizza or give us death,” LoBaido said before picking up boxes of cheese pizza that he then threw over the gate at city hall until cops stopped his protest.

The protest went on long enough for LoBaido to make his point and then the cops gave him a court summons. “All good,” he tweeted.

If you think the war on wood-fired pizza is an isolated incident, let’s not forget that Cleveland had a recent court case where a resident took a neighbor to civil court over a backyard wood-fired pizza oven. The neighbors said there was “physical discomfort caused by the smoke and fumes.”

The amateur pizza chef won that court case.

Folks, this pizza oven drama has been on woke minds for some time.

If you go back to 2016, the Italian town of San Vitaliano issued a burning ban on businesses using wood, wood chips, pellets, and charcoal. The mayor said air pollution was too high.

The solution: Businesses had to spring for filtration systems.

And now you’re seeing that put into motion in New York City.

“Shocking, it’s so ridiculous. They don’t want us to make pizza? We make about 34 pizzas a day, how do they think we are responsible for the pollution problems around here?” one Italian business owner told an Italian outlet.

The wokes will just keep chipping away even if it’s some guy slinging 100 pies a day in New York City.

The pizza thing in New York also comes just months after the city declared it planned to start cutting “food-related emissions.”

Good times.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. They are coming for your gas stoves, and now your ovens. And don’t forget, as the marchers told us, they are also coming for the children. They have to be stopped, and bringing attention to all of it is the first step. LoBaido is a hero.

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