Here’s What Eight NFL Teams Offered The Lions To Land Matthew Stafford

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In the end, the Los Angeles Rams made it absolutely clear that they valued Matthew Stafford much more than other NFL organizations. The Rams offered the Detroit Lions their first-rounders in 2022 and 2023 as well as starting QB Jared Goff in exchange for the almost 33-year-old Stafford, who was beaten up badly during his time in Detroit.

In his MMQB column, Albert Breer laid out how the Rams and Lions came to a deal and how it just so happened that the Staffords and McVays were in Cabo at the same time to celebrate the trade. What a coincidence! It’s strange that Kelly Stafford didn’t tell the world she was in Cabo since she normally does whenever the couple goes anywhere.

Lions fans should feel great this morning. They got two first-rounders to help rebuild the franchise and a 26-year-old stopgap quarterback who has played in the Super Bowl and has more playoff wins (2) than the Lions have had in their entire history. That’s correct, the Lions have ONE playoff win since 1957. O-N-E.

It is rare for Lions fans to feel like they got the better end of anything in life, so waking up with picks, even those at the back of the draft, has to be very rewarding.

According to Breer, this is what other teams offered for Matthew Stafford:

Washington Football Team: 2021 1st rounder (19th pick) and a third-round pick

Carolina: 2021 1st rounder (8th pick) and a later pick

Indianapolis: package of picks and players, but talks never included this year’s 21st pick

San Francisco: talked to the Lions at the Senior Bowl and planned to get into the sweepstakes, but the Rams had taken the top offer well beyond what the 49ers were willing to spend

Denver: willing to switch picks with the Lions

New England: Bill offered a second-rounder and a player, but the Patriots weren’t on (Kelly) Stafford’s destination list, so that trade partner was kicked out. Tom Curran reported over the weekend that Stafford told the Lions he could be traded anywhere but New England.

Chicago: “checked in” with Detroit, but that was the extent of talks. They couldn’t have offered picks like the Rams, so there was no reason to keep talking.

New York Jets: In typical Jets fashion, things didn’t go anywhere. You have to figure the franchise wasn’t thinking of moving first-round picks.

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  1. Was initially upset the Colts didn’t push harder but my gosh…the Rams offer was ridiculous! They are going to be in salary-cap hell in just 3-4 years with no picks to replenish. Talk about “win now”

  2. Great minds think alike, the instant I saw that New England was a non-starter for Stafford I immediately knew that was his Wife talking. He’s better off in LA, but damn dude, grow a pair.

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