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How about some of those Tom Brady throws last night

In the first half of last night’s Rams-Buccaneers game, Tom Brady hit Antonio Brown with a frozen rope pass at Brown’s shins that was an incredible pass and catch that made me think Brady was going to shred the Rams secondary and put on a Brady-esque clinic. I got busy and didn’t sit back down until late in the third quarter, and Brady was still throwing balls at ankles, but it wasn’t on purpose. There was a pass to Leonard Fournette that stood out. It was low and out in front of the running back that sure wasn’t typical Brady. Fournette’s effort wasn’t exactly 110%, but it was as if he was expecting it in the numbers and in stride like normal.

By the end of the 27-24 loss, Brady was 26-of-48 for 216 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. That was good for a 55.2 QBR. On passes 15-yards or more, Brady finished 1-of-9 for 18 yards and two interceptions.

Meanwhile, here come the Rams. I said it in Screencaps a couple of weeks ago, the Rams are a Super Bowl sleeper because of the scoring defense. They give up just 19 points a game, best in the NFL. That said, the Rams running game needs to be way better than just 37 total yards to get there.

• The Mets announced Monday they’re bringing back Tim Tebow in 2021, and he’s on board with the plan. Turns out Sandy Alderson doesn’t want Tebow’s baseball career to end due to COVID. It sounds like the Mets might have a farewell tour for Tim’s career. It’s the smart thing to do. As someone who has been to a Tebow baseball game, it’s great for the minors. Give the kids around the International League something exciting to look forward to.

• Wait until Karen Rovell hears Rob Kardashian pulled a Honus Wagner autograph card that’s worth who knows how much money. Karen will have to start bragging about how he bought some Mickey Mantle autographed bar tab or something random like that.

• If you’re into Boston sports memorabilia, the big news this week is that The Fours, a Boston institution has closed and its memorabilia is on the auction block. All these bars closing across the country is great for the collector but horrible for society. A few years ago during Super Bowl 50 week, I got to know Nick Bovis, the owner of Lefty O’Doul’s in San Francisco. Great guy. He was forced out by his landlord, and the city lost an institution. He was devastated, but there wasn’t much he could do. The place was covered in sports memorabilia. Gone. Gutted. Good luck to a society that will no longer have these places for humans to interact.

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