Helga Lovekaty Wears The Stars & Stripes, Phil’s Magical Victory, Plus Vegas Grandpa Hits Up A Pool Party

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And just like that, we had ourselves a weekend for the ages

Saturday I was running late, struggling to get Caps published, but I didn’t forget to mention that it was shaping up to be a wild weekend since Phil Mickelson somehow figured out how to hold the lead into the weekend. Then it happened. Two days of pure joy for the golfing community and those who like to watch history play out on a beach in South Carolina. Sunday night, I found myself on a neighbor’s patio crushing a post-pool party smash burger and watching Phil do the improbable with Nantz muted and iHeart 80s Radio playing in the background.

With temps in the 90s, the neighborhood kids throwing water balloons at each other, running in sprinklers, dads cutting shrubs, moms planting flowers, high school graduates celebrating their freedom and patio TVs playing Phil’s victory, this weekend will go down in history around these parts. It wasn’t hard to get the sense neighborhood dads were dropping Mickelson-esque hammerfists when Phil crushed his second shot on No. 18 as grown men tried to touch the legend. You know middle-aged dads were near tears when Phil raised his arms in victory. Hair on their arms standing at attention.

It’s nice for the suburban dads out there to feel like that was them winning the PGA Championship, grabbing the trophy, sucking down vodka seltzers, and jumping on a private jet back to their Florida mansions.

Let’s face it, that was the most Morning Screencaps win in the history of golf. The only thing stopping suburban dads around this part of Ohio from firing up their mowers in celebration — like hockey fans blasting their air horns — was a Sunday night shower that gave the flowers and freshly cut yards a nice soaking heading into a holiday week. Never forget this weekend, dads. Never let the memories fade.

• I found it funny how Brooks Koepka is mad at a crowd that he’s helped fuel. Koepka does the cool kid podcast circuit, has his wife feeding him grapes in Mexico, wears a thong for Instagram while on vacation, fires up the golf bro scene here and there, and then he’s mad at golf bros going crazy on No. 18? “It would have been cool if I didn’t have a knee injury and got dinged a few times in the knee in that crowd because no one really gave a s–t,’’ Koepka told the media. “Yeah, it’s cool for Phil, but getting dinged a few times isn’t exactly my idea of fun. I was trying to protect my knee.’’

Uh, OK.

• Full disclosure…this doesn’t happen often, but I was on a sports bender and that led me to turn on the 9th and 10th innings of the Cubs-Cardinals game and ARod rambling on about Javier Baez for what felt like a half-hour after his 10th inning go-ahead home run. There was a moment where ARod complimented Anthony Rizzo for choking up and grounding out to first which moved the go-ahead run to third. Baez then hits his home run. It was some straight-up Booger McFarland commentary, but it’s Sunday Night Baseball in May so few people caught it. ARod’s problem is that his brain thinks it needs to have some 5-star analysis for every single moment of a game.

• Remember when the ‘VID took out travel? Yeah, now people are complaining about high airfare prices and travel costs in general. We’re all good. Traverse City is on the schedule in June, as is Put-In-Bay and the guys’ golf trip. After a weekend like this one, I feel like I’ve already had one vacation this summer.

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  1. Have tried to like Koepka. Just can’t. Especially, knowing what he said about the fans, post tournament. What a pussy. Oh, his knee can hold up to four days of golf swing torquing but it gets bumped a little by someone in the crowd and he whines like a little bitch. You’re on a golf course playing golf. It’s not the NFL, pussy.

  2. Also, he struts around like he thinks he’s a tough guy. He isn’t. Don’t like his media driven IG model girlfriend who feeds him grapes and dresses him like a fruity pie.

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