Heidi Klum Wore A Worm Costume For Halloween That You Can’t Unsee

Model Heidi Klum is known to host extravagant Halloween parties each year. For 2022, the 21st edition of her Halloween shindig, she showed up in an absolutely wild worm costume.

That could be the most unsettling costume I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Alright, maybe the second most unsettling, just behind the Providence University Friar.

I will say, high-marks to the lovely Frauleine Klum for thinking outside the box. I’m tired of people half-assing Halloween. You’re better off not dressing up than doing a lazy costume like a black cat (looking at you ladies) or being one of a half-a-dozen Jason Voorhees-es at the party (fellas).

Heidi Klum doesn’t do lazy. that’s why she said, “Give me the worm.”

I’m sure one of her publicists was like “Like… like a sexy worm?” Then she had to clarify that she wanted a faithful, anatomically accurate recreation of a run-of-the-mill earthworm.

Her husband was even in on the costume and was holding a fishing rod attached to her costume.

So, we can confirm: she showed up to her own Halloween party dressed as fishing bait.

Heidi Klum Is A Halloween Costume Pro And Changed Out Of Her Wildly Impractical Costume

According to the Daily Mail, Klum changed out of that cumbersome get-up for most of the party. This just shows that Heidi Klum is the consummate Halloween veteran because she knew she’d have a miserable night in that costume.

This is my favorite thing about costumes: when people overlook the logistics of attending a costume party. Sure, that blow-up costume that makes it look like you’re riding an ostrich looks cool, but what are you to do if an hors d’oeuvre goes rogue and doesn’t agree with you?

I’m sure her guests were appreciative of her shedding her wormsuit too, because it wouldn’t be a pleasant evening if you had to stare at this all night:

Heidi Klum horrifies her party guests. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)


Have fun seeing that in your nightmares…

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