Heidi Klum Says Date Once Pulled The ‘Hot Dog In The Popcorn’ Trick

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Everyone has an awkward dating story. Few have an awkward dating story like the one Heidi Klum shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

The supermodel and America’s Got Talent judge says that a date once pulled the ‘hot dog in the popcorn’ trick on her in a movie theater.

Klum’s interview with guest host Nicole Byer started innocently enough by talking about her three-year anniversary with her husband, Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaultiz.

The interview quickly went off the rails. She threw in a bizarre story about having a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time while on one of the couple’s two vacations this summer.

That was followed up by talk of Klum spending time naked with her husband. Byer then changed the subject by bringing up speed dating. This is where Klum’s popcorn story gets started.

Heidi Klum, Are You Sure People Really Attempt This?

She starts off by saying, “I had one weird date where we went to a movie theater. And you know, these big buckets of popcorn? So he was holding the popcorn.”

Heidi Klum noted that she thought it was strange that her date was holding the popcorn and she had to reach over for it. But she continued to eat it anyway. Until she discovered there wasn’t just popcorn in the bucket.

“And I’m reaching over and I’m eating the popcorn,” Klum says, “and then, all of the sudden, there’s a hot dog in the popcorn — but it was attached. The hot dog that’s still attached.”

Byer responded, “On no, a bunless dog in your popcorn.”

The two then do a quick poll of the audience to see if anyone else had ever had a similar experience. If anyone had they weren’t willing to admit to it. Klum’s weird date story begins around the 3:47 mark.

It makes for a funny story, but there’s no way this actually happened. For starters nobody actually does this. This is one of those jokes that end up in movies or get told in stories by people.

It doesn’t happen in real life.

I’m pretty sure she would have noticed her date cutting a hole in the bottom of the bucket. Or even crazier bringing his own bucket from home. How else do you pull this off?

I still love Heidi even though she’s breaking my heart with this blatant lie.

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Written by Sean Joseph


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