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Woodpile advice as Screencaps readers prepare to hunker down for a brutal year for heating costs

• Brad G. writes:

Joe, lots of fall lakeside fires up here in WI. Here’s an easy-to-make rock solid firewood rack for your followers. Roof is a must. Reuse some old boards for sides and roof.

• Jeff M. writes:

My first thought on Sean K. asking for wood pile advice is if you have to ask, maybe heating your house with wood isn’t for you. But that being said, for efficient burning the pile should be covered (unless you live somewhere devoid of snow). I find a tarp works fine, and it’s best if the top of the pile is rounded so it sheds water when it rains or snow melts. If you can find some leftover roofing metal to buy cheap it works great, but keeping it on the pile is tough and the edges are razor blades. I prefer to keep the sides of my stack open to allow airflow through when some moisture inevitably gets through the tarp. Also have a completely dry place to store some wood for getting the fire going, after which some moisture isn’t a huge deal.

Also must add as a public service that if this is the first time you’re using a chimney in a while, inspect it yourself or get it checked out by a professional. Chimney fires are no joke and as long as your chimney isn’t super tall it doesn’t take a lot to run a brush down it once a month or so.

Florida Hurricane Ian report from a couple of streets over from where my dad and uncle have places

• Long-time Screencaps emailer Paul B. in SW Florida emailed me around 8 a.m. as the hurricane had intensified to nearly a CAT 5 storm. Paul’s riding out the storm from a hotel approximately five miles from water. He says his wife spent Tuesday calling around and it sounds like they got the last hotel room in Naples. As for my father, whose place is just two streets over from Paul, he’s in Ohio and my mother in Largo is also in Ohio so there are no worries there.

Paul writes:

Hurricane Ian  report from Naples. Hasn’t been to bad yet but it’s coming. The storm surge will start happening at any moment here. Not looking good at the moment.

Paul noted that his property ground level sits at 2-4 feet above sea level and the house is maybe 3-4 feet off the ground.

All the best to those of you on the west coast of Florida of which there are many in this community.

Speaking of Paul B., he kept things light Wednesday via the Battery Daddy topic

• Paul B. writes:

As a proud Battery Daddy owner I have to say it’s fantastic. It makes me want to buy batteries even if I don’t need them. Keeps everything in one place, has a tester to test the batteries, and is very handy when I send one of the kids to get some AA’s. Everything is sorted out and able to be viewed easily. My mom got one last Christmas I believe.

Follow-up question for Paul: “Do you find yourself just staring at Battery Daddy? It looks mesmerizing.”

Hell yeah, I do. I just spent five minutes looking at the beautiful aesthetic of it in the picture you have in screencaps. It’s the battery equivalent of stripes on the lawn.  

Work from home setups

• Indy Daryl checks in and look at what he’s up to:

Great run of SC, the IG model debate cracks me up! I should have been more clear when I brought up the WFH home set up. Certainly haven’t been doing it as long as some but the best thing about Covid is my working arrangement. Been at home since March of 2020 and have generally loved every minute of it. After working nights as an ICU nurse for many years, I love how much time is spent with my family. Our basement project finished up this summer which I meant I finally got to upgrade from the kitchen table to something a little better. Automatic Standing desk from flexispot.com and walking treadmill by Urevo and couldn’t be happier.

Also, as for the age range of SC readers, I’ll turn 37 next Friday. Firmly entrenched in the millennial bracket and proud of it!

First of all, the pile of darts indicates you have kids just like my kids.

Second, how long are you savages walking and working on a computer? An hour per day? I’m typing thousands of words per day and I couldn’t imagine walking and doing it at the same time.

Daryl, I need answers.

Here’s something to stare at today

• Mike T. in Idaho sends stuff like this from time to time and I’m very appreciative of these contributions:

Speaking of the Ts in Eagle, Idaho

• Mike T. had another simple message on a quiet Tuesday evening.

Enjoyed the patio life this summer.

And now these two are going to Europe for like five months this winter. What a life!

Hilde belly button drama

• Greg S. in Pinetop, AZ writes:

The Hildee debate reminds me of a scene in “Shallow Hal”

Brilliant job by Greg going way back in the memory bank for this one. For those who might not remember this classic, Shallow Hal was released November 1, 2001. Seriously. Yes, all of you are getting old.

• Wyn in Colorado writes:

Good morning Joe,

I’m also a millennial. I imagine there’s a lot more of them than you’d think. We’re kind of the last of a generation that emails and writes letters so you may not hear from us as much as the Boomers who still type with their pointer fingers.

Wanted to weigh in on Hilde, and I realize I’m probably in the minority here. I actually don’t think she’s even that good-looking. Sure the body is a 9.5 (half point deduction for the belly button) but her helmet, to me, is a 5 at best. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m no Stevie Wonder. I just don’t see it. And back to her belly button, after the last 2 day’s conversation about it, I know caught myself examining the belly buttons of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. What a world.

Just based on the amount of emails Hilde has generated, at this point I don’t care if you guys don’t find her attractive, she’s going into Screencaps at least once a week. She’s like LeBron for ESPN hot take shows — she moves the needle.

And because I’m a businessman at heart, that means I’m going to post her. Business is business, fellas.

I think my fellow senior VPs out there understand.

• Nick C. writes:

Love the content (typical kiss ass statement to start it off in hopes of getting on the next article).

What’s up with this Hildee belly button thing? Is there some weird belly button fetish out there that has somehow surpassed the foot fetish?  I was more concerned about the size 13 boats she was wearing, my gawd!

Also, how creepy was it for Chris Bassitt to see the evil smile on Andrew Luck standing behind the plate while he was pitching? Have to admit, pretty unique advertising method.

I don’t think it’s a belly button fetish as much as it is an anti-fetish for Mark D. who started this madness. The Hilde belly button week can’t end soon enough, but you damn well better believe I’m going to ride this train until it barrels into the station — which typically happens on Fridays when you guys wear out.

• Keith W. piles on:

To add to hildeee-gate…. does she also have huge clown feet?!?!  haha.  I mean, I guess everyone has some imperfections, even a legend like Hildeee.

It’s all about the angles, Keith! Just ask the IG models about angles. They’ll talk your ear off.

Tipping is still on your minds

• Greg B. writes:

I can’t seem to stay out of the great tip debate. Can I afford to throw $2 at a cashier for punching a couple of buttons as I pay for my $19 wing platter? Probably. The question is should I? ..No! Tips are exclusively and directly associated with service. It is the employer’s responsibility to take care of their employees in a way that the employee will be dedicated and productive throughout their career at the said establishment. Employers have found a way to delegate that responsibility to the consumer by preying on the emotions of an uninformed patron through the use of the implied obligation. A tip is EARNED!   And there lies the problem. Oh, it’s a deeper problem that just tips. We as a society have bought in. It’s just one more click of a button on the iPad when checking out. [15%] sure I’ll contribute.  We will vet every charity we give to and google the salary of every CEO  associated with that charity but will not think twice about hitting the [15%] button.  Maybe we should just start paying them out of the corporate “tip” jar…. the slush fund. 

I need to know. Where does this money go? Do we split it with the team? Who decides how much money has been given through the card reader to the “tips” fund and who gets the money? If you are asking for tips at the register then you should be required to provide a declaration explaining in detail the use of these funds. 

Cease and desist!

• Bill W. in Virginia writes:

 I think the TMNL merchandise department has some competition.

• And Mark W. in Tennessee sent in some mowing art:

And with that, Wednesday Screencaps is a wrap. I hope that you learned something, maybe laugh a little bit and generally just get your day off to a nice start. That’s always been the goal around here.

Now go give 115% at work. We’re pretty much to the weekend as the Dolphins-Bengals game gets closer and closer.

As for me, it’s soccer practice night and I’m guessing the kids will want a rematch in Uno Attack after Tuesday night’s battle. By the way, what a great game for the kids. If you don’t have it, buy it. They’ll love attacking mom and dad.

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