Heather Graham Is BACK, Spud & Muggsy Hit The Golf Course & Odell Attacks The Treadmill

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Let’s do something new…Throwback Thursday Screencaps edition!

That’s right, it’s time to theme Screencaps, and we’re starting with Throwback Thursday and 1990s actresses, some of whom never appeared in Caps over the nearly 10 years I’ve been doing this post. There wasn’t some sort of algorithm used to select this week’s TBT Screencaps ladies. I literally went down a list of 1990s TV actresses and came up with a couple and then a couple of names (Heather Graham and Alicia Silverstone) popped into my foggy head.

Now it’s time for you guys to have your heads on a swivel. Is there a TV actress out there we haven’t heard from lately who’s doing her thing on Instagram? Tag, tag, tag, tag me (@joekinseyexp) or send to the DMs if you’re scared.

Other themes I’m thinking about as we head into the spring/summer:

  • Friday — Ladies of Golf
  • Saturday — Ladies of Fishing and Boating

For the time being, we’ll roll with Throwback Thursday Actresses until the post runs out of material. The other three days will need to be reserved for random action. I don’t want to lock the post into six days of themes and then trigger a reader who can’t get his Kila Johnson updates.

• Wednesday, I heard from Chris in Texas who wants to see more baseball content. So do I, Chris. The great news is that we’re going to get fans in the stands across the league. Baseball offers so much content from a fan standpoint, so hang tight. But keep in mind that MLB is notorious for sending out cease and desist emails to content guys like me who try to have fun with the sport. I used to post videos of the Hooters ball girls at Phillies games doing work until the MLB kept sending its lawyers after me. I promise to find a workaround.

• As expected, Roblox stock went nuts Wednesday. The founder, who’d been sitting on this company since 2004, became a billionaire.

• Are you ready to drive a truck that looks like a Duplo toy? Here’s the first look at the truck California EV maker Canoo will release in 2023. Imagine driving this thing around Huntsville, Alabama on a Friday night. Ladies will be hanging off the tailgate.

• Finally this morning, it sounds like Mexico is about to legalize weed. It should be interesting to see what this does to the drug cartels, if anything. I have to believe this won’t stop El Chapo’s boys from pumping meth and heroin into the U.S. Legalize weed all you want, the drug lords will adapt the business plan.

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I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. what is the average salary of the last 10 super bowl champion QB’s as related to the salary cap of the team? how much of the team cap was entangled with the QB that wins the super bowl?

    that is the formula to win. not $40 million to one player.

  2. Heather Graham will die hot, Halle Berry too.

    What bothers me is why, WHY would they take a vagina and mold it into a pick up truck? If you are a dude, or at least think you are a dude and you’re caught driving that thing, turn in your balls. Turn em in or swing em from the trailor hitch.

    We need a column on man laws. At the very least we can standardize and reshape this world back to where it belongs and preserve all things manhood. We simply can not let this thing of ours, die.

  3. OM GOURD…Take me now, Heather, Halle and Liz 😊

    I had a poster of Heather in character as FELICITY SHAGWELL from AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME in my bedroom during my (first) senior year of college back during the 1999-2000 academic year 😎

    Heather, to me, will always be a combination of ROLLERGIRL from BOOGIE NIGHTS and, more obscurely, ANNIE BLACKBURN from both the ABC series TWIN PEAKS and the criminally underrated French film FIRE WALK WITH ME // Heather truly deserved EMMY consideration for her performance back in 1991 (which I refuse to believe fell 30 years ago) 😚


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