Heat Forward Has Missed 30 Games Since ‘Fat Boy’ Ran Into Him

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Miami Heat forward Markieff Morris has been out since early November.

If you didn’t know what Morris did for a living, you might think he’s a union worker whose hangnail has given him six months of disability pay and a permanent spot on the couch. But he’s not. He’s a grown-ass man who’s been sitting on his ass since Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic gave him a big ol’ shove.

If that’s not the kind of power forward you want in your playoff lineup, I don’t know what is.

When the length of Morris’ absence hit social media, Morris defended his recovery speed and threw more shade at Jokic, whom he also called a “fat boy.”

The Twitter tussle started late Thursday evening when Legion Hoops pointed out that, following the shove heard ’round South Beach, Morris had been sidelined for nearly two months.

“This is wild: Markieff Morris has missed 30 straight games for the Heat since he got whiplash from his scuffle with Nikola Jokic on November 8th. Sheesh.”

If you missed the “fight” between Morris and Jokic back in November, rest assured that it wasn’t exactly a modern-day version of Hagler-Hearns. It was more like a heated debate between the gals of Sex and the City and Grey’s Anatomy.

See for yourself.

Apparently, now that push has come to shove again, Morris has decided to stand up for himself like any real man would do — via social media. In response to Legion Hoops’ tweet, Morris shot back: “Ain’t shit wild about it! It’s a real injury! Imagine having a 300 pound sloppy fat boy run full speed and make direct contact with your spine! I’ll be back soon like I said.”

For the record, Morris is listed at 6’9, 245 lbs.

Who said these current NBA players aren’t as tough as the Bad Boys of the 80s and 90s?


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Written by Anthony Farris


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      • Oh please. this bitch needs 30 games off because he got pushed in the back, especially after he started it. When he gets back (whatever month that is) he`ll probably want 2 more weeks off for load management. Fuckin` pussy. Just another nigger that can`t back his shit…..IJS

  1. Lesson for any other tough guy NBA players who want to get physical with a Serbian. They were raised tougher than you. You try cheap shots with those boys and they’ll be the ones who end it. They don’t care and play that. Good lesson for Morris. He runs his yap on Twitter but he’ll be quiet or have his teammates come hold him back face to face with the big man now.

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