Heads Collide During Premier League Match Leaving One Guy With Fractured Skull

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By now, you guys know I’m not blogging about soccer, especially during football season, unless you truly need to see something. That something happened Sunday when the melon of Arsenal’s David Luiz collided with the dome of Wolverhampton’s Raul Jimenez during a corner kick, leaving both men motionless on the ground.

This is where things caught my eye. Normally a soccer trainers bring out the stretcher and the magic spray that heals a guy real fast. Not this time. Luiz was left with a solid gash to his head. Instead of carrying him off the pitch in a stretcher like you’d normally see during a match, they gauzed Luiz’s head up and kept him in. They scooped Jimenez off the turf and took him to the hospital.

Diagnosis: fractured skull!

Luiz continued on until he started heading the ball, causing the gash to start bleeding like a geyser. A sub had to go in so they could get Luiz fixed up. It took seven stitches to get him right. He was then allowed to drive home and rest up.

Of course, the concussion community came after Arsenal for how they handled the situation. The Daily Mail reports Arsenal’s team doctor, Gary O’Driscoll, is a leader in the concussion protocol world and “was clear that Luiz did not lose consciousness and was not concussed. Therefore, there was no necessity for concussion treatment to be enforced.”

I’ll admit I’ve been hard on soccer due to guys being healed instantly by magic sprays. I’ve been crushed by guys rolling around acting like they’ve been beaten over the back by an Easton Black Magic. Not this time. This was the real deal.

Wolverhampton released a statement on Jimenez’s condition, saying he is “comfortable following an operation last night, which he underwent in a London hospital. He has since seen his partner Daniela and is now resting. He will remain under observation for a few days while he begins his recovery.”

(Photo by John Walton – Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Walton – Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Walton – Pool/Getty Images)

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