Head Injuries Caused Former College Football Player To Attack Capitol Hill Officers?

The family of Noah R. Green, a former college football player at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, appears to be laying the groundwork that Green rammed his car into Capitol Hill officers, killing one, due to head injuries. Green, 25, was shot and killed after he got out of his car with a knife and lunged at officers in the Friday attack.

The incident hasn’t been classified as domestic terrorism and, in a statement to the Washington Post, the family says Noah’s mental health struggles could be related to football head injuries he sustained as a defensive back. Green was “not a terrorist by any means,” his family told the Post.

In a text Green reportedly sent to his brother on Thursday, the former football player seemed to indicate something bad was about to happen. “‘I’m sorry but I’m just going to go and live and be homeless,’” Green told his brother, according to the Washington Post.

“Thank you for everything that you’ve done. I looked up to you when I was a kid. You inspired me a lot.”

A day later, officer William Evans was killed and another officer was injured as Noah Green plowed into them.

Noah Green / Christopher Newport University

There are other incidents besides the football head injuries that tell us something was definitely up with Green: 

• In 2019, he accused teammates of drugging him with Xanax, then claimed the incident made him a drug addict which then led to Green telling his brother drugs inspired him to move from Virginia to Indianapolis.

• In early 2021, Green up and moved to Botswana where he reportedly jumped in front of a car before moving back to Virginia.

• He listed himself as a “Follower of Farrakhan” on Facebook, which wouldn’t necessarily predetermine that he would plow into cops, but according to the New York Times, investigators believe Green’s mental state combined with the ideological element could’ve been the perfect cocktail to cause violence.

Green, who listed Malcolm X as the person in history he’d most like to meet on his Christopher Newport University football bio, wrote a disturbing message on Facebook two weeks before the attack.

“I was on the right track and everything I had planned was coming into existence. It required long hours, lots of studying, and exercise to keep me balanced while experiencing an array of concerning symptoms along the path (I believe to be side effects of drugs I was intaking unknowingly),” he wrote using Brother Noah X as his signature.

“However, the path has been thwarted, as Allah (God) has chosen me for other things. Throughout life I have set goals, attained them, set higher ones, and then been required to sacrifice those things.”

William Evans, a father of two, was an 18-year veteran of the Capitol Hill police.

Officer William Evans / Capitol Hill police

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I have no problem saying mental health probably was a factor in this. What I do have a problem with is using the mental health and head injury defense selectively. If this was a white trump supporter with the same issues they’d be calling him terrorist and blaming Trump for it. Prayers for the cop that lost his life and the one recovering and their families.

  2. Man for being such a small percentage of the population they sure as hell commit a lot of crime a lot of people get head injuries and other things but they don’t go out and murder innocent people just a lame excuse.

  3. I agree that this dude probably had a mental illness, and I always feel for family and friends who loved him, but this was still a Domestic Terrorist act and should be called as such when Officer Evans family hopefully sues our Government. I hope they send the bill directly to Nancy Pelosi and President Biden.

    • So, let me get this straight…..when Trump(and others that weren’t Trumpers) backers storm the Capitol and a Capitol Policeman gets killed, it’s an insurrection and the worst tragedy that’s ever happened in American History(According to our Commiecrats on the Left in Congress and all the propaganda media outlets and social media), but when a Black Nationalist crashes through the barricades, killing a Capitol Policeman, it not only gets an excuse by family and the propaganda media(those that actually commented on the story), but has been completely swept under the rug and already forgotten as a non-story by the Commiecrats in office and the likes of CNN, MSNBC, et. al…….gotcha.
      Hopefully AOC is recovering from her near death experience from this one also

      • The shooting in Boulder was here and gone in 24 hours. The MSM found out the suspect was of Syrian descent and a Trump hater so it quickly became “nothing to see here”. Same with this story. As soon as it was discovered that Green was a follower of Farrakhan the story was suppressed. Standard procedure for the corrupt MSM.

        • Agreed to all the points, here are some more for you: shooter in CA last week (or two weeks ago it all runs together), Hispanic; two black men drugged, raped and killed a white woman in Miami a couple weeks ago, story gone in 24 hours; black man road raged a white family for a perceived slight in Lumberton, NC, only Fox News covers it; the biggest one, Antifa continues to actively recruit using social media and the left can’t even bother to report on it; and on and on. The moral of the story is all white people are racist and anything that doesn’t fit that narrative is buried. Fuck the MSM! Be diligent and be on guard out there my friends.

  4. The self hating white lefties and the black race baiters were super aroused to blame Trump and his “terrorist” supporters until they found out it was one of their own. The media silence has since been deafening. Prayers to the policeman’s family.

  5. So we’re going to have the same state funeral parade and capitol dome wake and Dem House genuflection right? What message does it send to this family when they don’t do it? What a disgusting manipulation and evil precedent one sends when she politicizes tragedy. There’s a special place in hell for Pelosi

  6. Victimhood mentality in full bloom. It’s always somebody or something else’s fault.
    Half of this country, when their feet hit the floor in the morning, are looking for someone to hate and to blame.
    The other half are too busy putting food on their table and holding themselves accountable to indulge such low-character, childish nonsense.

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