Hawaii Offensive Lineman Arrested For Breaking Quarantine

Hawaii offensive lineman Solo Vaipulu was arrested Monday for violating state quarantine rules and was booked on the quarantine violation charge and lying to authorities. The Riverside, California native was outed by a snitch who reported him for not quarantining after arriving on the island May 18.

From Hawaii News Now:

The 21-year-old football player, whose legal name is Venasio Vaipulu, was reported as a quarantine violator by a witness, a state spokesperson said. The witness reportedly told investigators from the Department of the Attorney General that Vaipulu left his designated quarantine location ‘nearly daily.’

Vaipulu was arrested on charges of violating the quarantine and lying to authorities. He was booked and charged, with bail in the case set at $4,000.

Hawaii Governor David Ige announced Monday the state will lift the 14-day quarantine rule as of June 16. That’s right, Mr. Vaipulu just had to get away with breaking quarantine just a couple more weeks and he’d be good. Now he has a quarantine charge over his head.

UPDATE ON JUNE 1: NEW INTERISLAND TRAVEL ANNOUNCEMENT — Today, Gov. David Ige announced that the 14-day mandatory self-quarantine for interisland travel will be lifted as of June 16. He stated, “Reopening travel for interisland on June 16th will allow us to refine our systems and processes. It will allow us to plan thoughtfully for the re-opening of our economy for transpacific travel.”

The state Department of Transportation (HDOT) will require thermal screening at the airport for everyone traveling interisland. HDOT will also require travelers to fill out a new form that will now also ask for health-related information to assist the state in tracking and responding to new COVID-19 cases.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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