Former High School Football Player Says He Was Forced Off Team After Reporting Hazing

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Haverhill High School, a public school located 35 miles north of Boston, has canceled the remainder of its football season after a video became public of some players reportedly hazing and sexually harassing a kid in the locker room. According to a former Haverhill player, the team has a history of terrible hazing incidents.

The video that’s sadly making the rounds on social media reportedly shows three teens dragging another across the floor before ripping his clothes off. One individual is wearing a Haverhill football shirt in the video. A fourth person is standing in only his underwear over the victim’s head and twerks in his face while others cheer.

As the recent video became public, a former player reached out to Boston 25 and explained that a similar incident happened to him when he played for the school in 2014.

“I had my cleats urinated in. I had somebody’s genitals in my face at some point. Not as bad as the incident that just happened,” the former player, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained.

The former went on to say that no one was ever punished for what they did. Instead, he says he was forced off the team for speaking up about the incident.

“I think the coaching staff definitely needs a revamp. There is accountability that has to be there,” the former player said. “There is no way that the locker room is right next to the coaches’ room, and you don’t hear that kind of commotion going on.”

Haverhill High School is a public school in the suburbs of Boston. (Via EagleTribune)

Haverhill Has Final Game Cancelled

Members of the coaching staff have been placed on administrative leave as Haverhill police investigate the video.

In a statement, Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini called the incident “disgusting” and called for the players involved to be permanently removed from the team.

“The boys involved in this disgusting incident should be immediately and permanently removed from the team,” Fiorentini said. “Parents deserve to know when they send their kids to play high school sports that their children will be safe.”

Haverhill was set to play its final regular season game of the year on Thanksgiving morning.

Written by Mark Harris

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