Haunted House Customer Shoots Performer With Gun He Believed Was A Prop

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Six months after Alec Baldwin blasted a cinematographer on a New Mexico movie set and used the ‘I thought it was a prop’ defense, a man arrested in connection to a haunted house shooting has jumped on the Baldwin defense bandwagon.

Keal Latrell Brown, who doesn’t deny he shot a Myrtle Beach haunted house employee, tells police he thought the gun he was firing at the worker was a prop.

Why was Brown aiming and pulling a trigger at a haunted house worker? The Myrtle Beach Police Department, in a Facebook post, says Brown and his group were scared by the worker.

While inside, several members of the group were frightened by the victim, who was working as a performer in the Haunted House,” the police department states. “One person in the group fell to the ground, and during the scramble, a gun slid back and struck Brown in the foot. Brown told investigators he believed the gun was a prop and part of the experience when he picked it up and fired twice, striking the victim one time in the shoulder.”

Man shoots haunted house actor
Keal Latrell Brown was arrested for shooting a Hollywood Wax Museum Haunted House performer / via Myrtle Beach Police Department

Enter the Alec Baldwin defense. It was a prop!

Now, let’s take a step back here and think about what happens inside haunted houses inside wax museums ($30 for adults) in Myrtle Beach. You’re going to be scared on purpose, Keal. That doesn’t mean you pick up a gun and turn into Alec Baldwin.

That means you SCREAM and move along to another room where more actors jump out to scare you — remember, you paid for this! — and then your group gets to the end, everyone laughs and then you go to Applebee’s to get some grub.

Keal, you don’t shoot the actors! This prop defense doesn’t fly here, sir.

They literally told you this attraction would elevate the pulse. Keal, they told you it was “infested with zombies.”

Gotta be smarter than this, Keal.

Outbreak – Dread the Undead attraction at the Myrtle Beach Hollywood Wax Museum


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