Hasbulla Apologizes After Getting Arrested

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Social media sensation and someone you just want to party with Hasbulla has apologized to his home country of Dagestan after being arrested and honestly I think that THEY should apologize to him.

The 3-foot-3 influencer who boasts over 9 million followers, was arrested over the weekend for street racing and causing some local havoc around town after a buddy’s wedding.

Video of the incident and the arrest made its way across social media as fans across the globe began tweeting #FreeHasby.


Hasbulla himself was not the one driving the vehicle, however Dagaestan police didn’t care and took them all in.

Despite the footage of a small Hasbulla next to these massive men standing in line at a police station came across as pretty damn funny, the mayhem-loving influencer still ended up apologizing for the group’s reactions.

“We decided to hype a little bit. That won’t happen again, people we apologize. We had to answer for it a little bit [to authorities],” Hasbulla wrote in his Instastory after his release.

To show just how things work over there, he is reportedly still under house arrest – just from a little bit of rowdy car fun!

Hasbulla was arrested for driving offenses over the weekend. (Image Credit: MVD Dagestan


For Dagestan to take into custody the only reason anyone knows that the country even exists is absurd.

But maybe there’s more to it.

Perhaps those that run the country wanted to send a message to Hasbulla and his supporters to stay in their lane. Afterall, if there was ever someone that could change the way the country works – it would be the pint-sized badass.

It also doesn’t help that during a Barstool interview last year, Hasbulla said he wanted to become the Dagestan’s Minister of International Affairs. Probably not a good thing to say out loud for a country that apparently puts people in house arrest for joyriding!

Honestly, I’d be scared too if I was Dagestan.

Look at the power of the man they call Hasbulla:

And his rides:

And his important friends!

Hasbulla has quickly become a social media star and regularly appears with people like UFC President Dana White. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Hasbulla is seen with former UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov after a fight. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)


There’s no doubt that at just 20-years-old Hasbulla has become the star of next generation of sports media influencers. His “IDGAF” attitude helped build a massive fanbase throughout the past few years that now has brought him huge opportunities.

In fact, last year he signed a five-year contract with the UFC as an ambassador for Dana White’s promotion.

Although there’s no word on if he’s actually going to get in the Octagon and fight someone, could you imagine if he does against someone his own size? It’d be ratings gold!

Hasbulla was born with the genetic disorder known as Growth Hormone Disorder. It occurs when there’s not enough of growth hormone throughout the body, causing muscles and bones to not fully develop.

As his popularity only continues to grow, Hasbulla may need to consider relocating somewhere that embraces his kind of lifestyle. I know a great place called the Las Vegas strip where conveniently the UFC is located that doesn’t care too much about people celebrating weddings.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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