Harry Sidhu, Anaheim Mayor Requesting Illegal Donations From MLB’s Angels, Steps Down

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Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu is stepping down from his position, announced Monday, after facing widespread criticism over his role in a federal investigation involving the City and negotiations to keep the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Sidhu’s defense maintained in Monday’s announcement that the decision is intended “to continue to act in the best interests of Anaheim and allow this great City to move forward without distraction.”

The allegations also mentioned a secretive “cabal” in charge of Anaheim’s politics that Sidhu is aware of.

Attorney Paul S. Mayer announced the decision:

“Mayor Sidhu has always, as his foremost priority, acted in the best interests of the City of Anaheim,” he said. “In order to continue to act in the best interests of Anaheim and to allow this great City to move forward without distraction, Harry Sidhu has resigned from his post as Mayor effective May 24, 2022.

“Meeting the needs of the community has been and will always be Harry Sidhu’s top priority.”

Sidhu is under investigation for public corruption after asking the team for campaign donations totaling $1 million in a private meeting, which was wire-tapped as part of an investigation looking into potentially illegal activity from the $320 million sale arranged in 2019. Negotiations to sell Angels Stadium remain on hold.

An affidavit released on May 16 sparked strong backlash after revealing “Sidhu instructed an FBI witness to lie to a grand jury about discussions pertaining to the stadium sale.”

Sidhu stepped down despite committing to run for re-election in November.

Six Anaheim council members spoke up over the weekend, calling for Sidhu to resign.

FBI Special Agent Brian Adkins shared a statement on the investigation.

“I believe Sidhu illustrated his intent to solicit campaign contributions to the amount of a million dollars in exchange for performing official acts intended to finalize the stadium sale of the Angels.”

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