Hardcore Chiefs Fan, Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner Prepares For Another Super Bowl, Might Trade Ankles With Patrick Mahomes

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Harris Faulkner hosts “Faulkner Focus” and “Outnumbered” on Fox News. She’s also a lifelong, hardcore fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Harris spoke to OutKick from the site of the event in Arizona as she prepares for another Super Bowl experience.

Bobby: How did your Chiefs fandom begin?

Harris: It’s so nice to talk to you, Bobby. My fandom began when I was a reporter for Fox 4 in Kansas City with a franchise called “For You Money.” Actually, it was “For Your Money, but that’s what we called it. The fans too. This particular station had been there for quite some time and they carried a lot of the games for Fox — they ran a lot of Chiefs and Royals specials. It was so fun being a part of their sports coverage.

I became their main anchor at night after eight years in Kansas City. At that point, my partner Phil and I did “On the Road” at the AFC Championship Game with Joe Montana, who ended his career with the Chiefs. We did a game at the Bills, a very cold game.

I started to do three hours of sports specials, as I was getting more and more into the coverage. They were so much fun. I loved the job and the fans.

But I realized it was better for me to stay in news, with some sports, that way I could root hard for the Chiefs. No one wanted a Chiefs homer in the press box, which I would have been if I didn’t go back to news full-time.

Go Chiefs! I can say that now.

Harris and “Andy Reid.”

Bobby: Your team has been in the Super Bowl three times over the past four seasons. Most fans, including me as a Lions fan, do not understand what that feels like.

How nervous do you get going into the Super Bowl? Because while winning the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of fandom goal, losing a Super Bowl is worse than losing any other game.

Harris: Oh my gosh, I love this question. It’s great.

Bobby, I’m very strong in my faith and I do believe that the Lord gives us a divine assignment as a sports fan. We, as Chiefs fans, get to be a part of the special experience of going to a Super Bowl. It’s less about winning than the joy of the experience, for me.

Now, I don’t take winning for granted. It took us 54 years to get back to the Super Bowl three years ago. We were blessed with what Patrick Mahomes did in that game against the 49ers. I have to admit, I was shocked. Being a fan for so long it almost didn’t seem real.

And this year has been such a fun experience because everyone counted us out. When Tyreek Hill left we were counted out. The greatest part of this journey showed it’s not about just one player.

Even when Mahomes went down with that high-ankle sprain against the Jaguars, what happened? Chad Henne drove us 98 yards for a touchdown. Boom.

Oh, wait, we even have another quarterback? Yep.

This journey showed there are so many of our guys who can ball. The running backs, the wide receivers, and that defense — Bobby, they better get some respect.

Bobby: I heard you were a bit nervous when Mahomes hurt his ankle. Be honest, would you trade your healthy ankle for his hurt ankles so he could go into the Super Bowl 100%?

Harris: Nooooooo. But only because he has better physical therapy than I could ever get my hands on. His sprained ankle is better than mine.

Like he’s special. He’s a super athlete. But he kept thanking Julie Frymyer, his physios. He kept thanking her for his game. I had to look her up.

Thank you, Julie.

Bobby: I think you might trade ankles if Julie says it’s best.

Via Instagram @harrisfaulkner.

How do you plan to watch the game tonight? Are you a watch with friends or a watch alone? Some of the most hardcore fans must be alone as the action unfolds.

Harris: Well, this year, I’ll be at the game. I’m going. I have my 16-year-old daughter with me, Bella. We actually have a home here in Scottsdale where we stay part-time. My husband is from Arizona. My 13-year-old daughter is on the East coast in a fierce gymnastics competition. She’s getting her own gold medals, literally.

This is the ultimate combination for me. It’s my team and it’s our backyard. And I get to show my family how this is MY team. I mean, my family supports me, but this is MY team playing in OUR backyard.

Bobby, the weekend has just begun and I already feel like I won.

Plus, I think we are going to win. We are going to win.

I’m ecstatic. I wore my Chiefs gear to breakfast. I told my family “It’s time. It’s time.” It’s going to be so much fun.

I’m so excited. I also got to take my daughter to the Super Saturday events, which included parties with [sports agent] Leigh Steinberg and former NFL coach Bruce Ariens.

I want her to be with me. So this is really special to me because I get to show my own child, part of mommy’s job, but also part of mommy’s fanaticism over this team.

I’m so ready. I have this giant bobblehead that rotates on gravity. I should send you it, Bobby.

Bobby: Are you excited for halftime?

Harris: For RiRi? Are you kidding me? I already have my Fenty gear.

Okay, so you have to have a clear bag to get into the Super Bowl, right? So, I ordered a clear Fenty purse on NFL Shop. Fenty is Rihanna’s brand of cosmetics. And the bag came with lip gloss. I said, “Woah.”

I got my daughter one too. We girls are going to appreciate this. I’m going to zip right through the security line with this clear bag.

I can’t wait for halftime. And the game.

I’m almost ready to be in the game. I’m not going to give up my ankle, but that’s about it.

Bobby: Are you the most passionate sports fan at Fox News? I was in a fantasy football league with the “Fox & Friends” crew. You might top them

Harris: Yes. Well, Bill Hemmer loves his Bengals. We’ve had wagers. And he kept beating me until this last time … Joe Burrow didn’t do it…. did he?

I played it humbly with him the last time. But we finally won. Now, when I see him in the hallway he knows.

We are pretty competitive with each other. We might be tied at Fox News for most passionate fans.

Harris and her daughter Bella.

Bobby: What do you want the OutKick readers to know about Harris Faulker?

Harris: My book, “Faith Still Moves Mountains,” has stayed on the New York Times bestseller list far longer than anybody could have anticipated, least of all Fox News Books and HarperCollins. That’s a huge blessing. It means people are bold with their faith. They find value and blessings in telling their stories of miracles.

When you lean into God, he leans into you. That’s the message of the book. It’s not about me, it’s about other people’s stories. And it has been incredible to meet people who read that book and say “This is changing my life right now because I didn’t believe that God heard me anymore.”

This is important because Pew Research and Gallup, through their research and surveys, say that a growing number of people say “Yeah, there might be God but if there is one, he is not intervening in any meaningful way in our lives.”

We need faith more than ever. Damar Hamlin reminded the country, outside and inside the NFL, that we are better when we pray together. If you are going to take a knee, let’s pray.

That might not be popular with a lot of people, to hear a journalist say that. But I’m unapologetic, and the foundation of my life and that is the Lord. I’m just so glad that faith still moves mountains.

My divine assignment from the Lord is not to prophesize — I’m a witness.

We all need to be reminded that in the worst of times, the Lord can send things into your life that you wouldn’t even know to ask for. And the next chapter becomes even better than the one that you’re struggling in.

So that’s my message. It’s just a thank you to the readers of the book. And if you haven’t read it, please do.

I really appreciate it, Bobby.

Written by Bobby Burack

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