VIDEO: Wild Fight Breaks Out at Hard Rock in Florida

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How could this past weekend — or any weekend — top Naked Athena (in case you need a reminder)? How about a blockbuster brawl?

Saturday night, a video was posted online of a brutal fight located inside the Hard Rock in Florida.

The video has it all: pushes, punches, kicks, yelling, and fury.

As with all unsanctioned fights, we must declare a winner. That title goes to the man throwing MMA-style punches in jean shorts. He had a good outing. But he’s probably losing to 80% of Hard Rock visitors.

This football season, due to the pandemic, crowd fighting could be eliminated entirely. Twitter users know this, and they hate it. Thus, the interest — now at 4.1 million views — in a random Florida melee.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. There’s a lot going on here. These people are the embodiment of the #Equality movement. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl. If you make noise, you are getting treated as a full combatant. The guy in the jean shorts had laser-like precision. But, my respect goes to the shirtless dude that took the worst beating- he got back up and kept coming like T-1000.

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