Sean Hannity Talks Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy, Life

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Respects from members of the media are pouring in, following the announcement that legendary talk radio host Rush Limbaugh passed away on Wednesday. Sean Hannity, Rush’s close friend, called into Fox News to talk about the impact Rush had on his life and so many others:

“There is no talk radio as we know it without Rush Limbaugh. There’s no Fox News.”

Well said.

There are also no alternative and fearless media outlets without him. Rush Limbaugh was the first to show media personalities they didn’t need to fall in line, that they could be honest. They could be themselves.

Without Rush, there is no Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, Buck Sexton, or Ben Shapiro.

Legend. Rest in peace.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Rush’s influence has gone way beyond conservative talk radio. There wouldn’t be a Clay Travis speaking his mind when it comes to politics invading sports if it wasn’t for Rush paving the way for free speech on the airwaves.

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