Jews Attacked Outside Of Gal Gadot’s Hamas Attack Footage Screening: VIDEO

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Jews were attacked Wednesday night at a screening organized by Gal Gadot of the horrors carried out by Hamas.

Gadot, a former Israeli soldier, helped organize a screening for people in the Los Angeles area to watch footage of Hamas attacking and slaughtering innocent civilians.

The “Wonder Woman” actress has gone out of her way to help raise awareness for the horrors carried out by the terrorists in Israel and the hostages still held by Hamas. The screening occurred Wednesday night at the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance, and the reaction outside was downright appalling.

Jews targeted outside of Gal Gadot’s Hamas attack footage screening.

Video shows Jews being attacked by pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protesters. A short video clip appears to show a handful of people targeting Jews in the street outside the building.

Another video shot by ABC7 shows all hell breaking loose with people being savagely beaten. You can watch it below, but be warned some might find it disturbing. Make sure to send your reactions to

ABC7 reported multiple people were detained by police on the scene, but it’s not known at this time if anyone was arrested.

The Hollywood Reporter also reported about 200 people attended the screening of the footage, which is titled “Bearing Witness,” and security was “sizable.”

Given the events of October 7th and the aftermath in America, it’s not hard to understand why security was being taken so seriously. Two hundred people gathering in support of Israel to watch the Hamas attack footage would be a prime target for an attack of someone who hates Jews or doesn’t support Israel.

Even with all the security, it couldn’t stop melees from unfolding and Jews being targeted outside of the building.

Violence unfolds at Hamas attack footage screening organized by Gal Gadot. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

The carnage and insanity must end. There’s simply no place for it in a civilized society, and things are only getting scarier in America. Credit to Gal Gadot for continuing to do the right thing, and hopefully, the police can ID anyone responsible for violence. Send me your thoughts to

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