Halle Berry’s Beach Workout, Dusty Gooch Has A Huge Weekend & Tiger Woods Looked Ripped

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Zoom call, sledding and a day to recharge the batteries

Thank you to those who stopped by for Saturday’s OutKick VIP Zoom call that I hosted. Not going to lie, I had computer issues 10 minutes before the call and showed up a little frazzled, but we worked through it. Yes, Morning Screencaps was a big topic. I would like to reiterate…if you want to see certain content in Screencaps, there’s a good chance someone else is just like you. Tag me on the content you’re seeing — @joekinseyexp. DM me if you’re uncomfortable tagging. I can’t read all the different minds out there.

That said, I learned quickly that the OutKick reader is highly educated on sports. In many cases, you guys are way over my expertise. I’m just the degenerate at the bar having a good time. Some of you are deep into the inner workings of sports, how TV contracts work, when stadiums will fill up again and what the OutKick radio station will look like. Meanwhile, I’m over here looking through WWE memes.

Hopefully, Clay was able to answer several of the questions I avoided Saturday during his Sunday Zoom call. For my next call, I’m thinking of bringing on a neighborhood friend of mine who used to sling baseballs for the Nationals to talk about athlete contracts since we’ll do the call in March during Spring Training.

Sunday we took the kids sledding, and the four-year-old went face-first into the side of the suburban sled slope on his first try. He eventually rebounded to have a strong first day sledding during his short career. The 8-year-old spent the day jumping moguls while going head-first down the faux hill. I made 8-10 runs before I’d had enough and started thinking of how great the basement couch was going to feel.

For an old salty blogger dog, there’s something about that first Sunday on the couch after football season where you do nothing but flip channels. I put in a hard day of giving up my body to the sledding hill only to get elevated via the power recliner. You’re damn right it felt amazing. I might even mess around and get another one in before March Madness.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb had a big morning on CNBC for those who’re trying to figure out when stadiums and arenas might start filling up again. While Scott’s not fully jumping on the Dr. Marty Makary herd immunity by April bandwagon, Gottlieb agrees that we’re going to see a normal spring and summer. Get those cabins, beach houses and hotels booked, folks.

• I’ve never been so excited for a 20″ snow base to thaw. I’m jonesing to pick up dog poop and put a mower on the yard. It’s been too long.

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  1. Total clickbait! I was speed scrolling through to see a “ripped” Tiger Woods and what I got was a hungover TW. But…the world of images has improved marginally. I got one shirtless hunk versus 3,48w women in bikinis. I cannot complain.

  2. I see from Shannon’s post that Undisputed hasn’t changed topics since I last watch a couple years ago.

    What’s the program going to talk about when LeBron Brady and Tom James retire?

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