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How do I know it’s time to clear out the garage?

I nearly tore the place apart last night in 100-degree humidity looking for the huge bag of golf clubs I use once a year at the Put-in-Bay Two-Club Invitational, which takes place tomorrow morning at the Augusta of the Great Lakes.

Are they in the attic? Let’s go look…in 150-degree temps up there. Nope. Where in theee hell could these clubs be? And then there they were buried behind a bunch of barn wood I need to off-load. Crisis averted.

I nearly had a heart attack. All sorts of things started running through my head as I tore through the garage.

  1. Someone stole the clubs!
  2. I threw the clubs in the trash after last year’s event when I promised it was the last time I ran the tourney.
  3. I put them into a spot where I’ll never find them and I’ll have to go to Ann Arbor where you can buy old clubs for $1 at a massive Goodwill-type place where we got these bad boys years ago.

Then I couldn’t find the cooktop for my mini PitBoss stove. No clue where it’s at. Guys, hope you like pizza this year. Cameo pizza on the tourney organizers!

Needless to say, it was an emotional night of prep and I just want to sit back and relax over the next 40 hours and live the island lifestyle. Please, those of you coming to the island for the tourney, remember we’re on island time.

11 a.m. shotgun start means to get there between 10 and 11 to relax, chat, have a muffin, listen to the birds chirp, etc. Leave all your worries on the mainland.

See you there.

If you were on the fence over the weather, it looks like it’ll be a great day living the island life.

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• Mike N. spotted this in Cedar Park, TX:

Kids Attending West Point

• Scott in Orange County, CA writes:

I could use some help from the Screencaps community.  My son is remarkable kid (humblebrag) that is smart, likes to tackle hard things, and gets what an incredible country he was born into.  He is getting ready to start his Senior year in high school and is now getting an offer to attend college at West Point!  He is really excited about challenging himself in this way. 

As a parent I am proud, impressed, excited but also a little apprehensive. 

Can the community give me some insight if this is still as awesome of an opportunity in 2023 as in years past?  With the increasing prospect of a conflict with Russia, the wokeness entrenched in the military, and a less than inspiring Commander in Chief I think there is a lot to be concerned about. 

Can the community offer any perspective or advice to his parents or to him?    

Great work as usual.  Grateful for another way to reach like-minded people.

How much are we going to pay the neighborhood kids to water the flowers?

• Greg B. writes:

Ok, I need to know what is the going rate for paying the neighborhood kids to water the flowers? We were on a quick weekend trip last month and paid $30 to the local fundraising cheerleading campaign for the service of watering the flowers. 

Seems to be a great idea I thought! 

When the travel ball hardos come around with this year’s trending fundraiser- just offer a donation to said organization for the services of watering the flowers. 


That’s a great question. We haven’t entered financial negotiations, but I was thinking at least $100 for the week. There’s some work to be done, but it’s not the hardest work known to teenage kids. It’s not like moving 8 tons of topsoil in 100-degree heat.

Oh, and I’d throw in a performance bonus.

Is this fair?

‘Do Hard Things’

• Drew C. writes:

Short time, first time.  I have been reading ScreenCaps daily for a little less than a year now, and I can’t thank you enough for the work that you do.  

I get a leadership email daily from former baseball player/manager Clint Hurdle.  In today’s email there was a quote about ‘Do hard things’ I wanted to share.


Entrepreneur and writer Nat Eliason on the importance of challenging yourself to do hard things:

“The ability to do hard things is perhaps the most useful ability you can foster in yourself or your children. And proof that you are someone who can do them is one of the most useful assets you can have on your life resume. 

Our self-image is composed of historical evidence of our abilities. The more hard things you push yourself to do, the more competent you will see yourself to be. 

If you can run marathons or throw double your body weight over your head, the sleep deprivation from a newborn is only a mild irritant. If you can excel at organic chemistry or econometrics, onboarding for a new finance job will be a breeze. 

But if we avoid hard things, anything mildly challenging will seem insurmountable. We’ll cry into TikTok over an errant period at the end of a text message. We’ll see ourselves as incapable of learning new skills, taking on new careers, and escaping bad situations.

The proof you can do hard things is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.” 


I am currently raising 2 boys (15, 13) and a girl (10) and the ‘Do Hard Things’ is something I have started to emphasize ever since reading ScreenCaps.

What got me into ScreenCaps last year was the ‘Girls of Oktoberfest’ who have been, by far, the hottest girls you have featured.  I can’t wait for them to start popping up again soon.  

Keep up the great work!


Thank you for writing, Drew C. The ‘Girls of Oktoberfest’ start popping up in late August as the IG models start to get a headstart on the algorithm.

Christmas in July

• Wes in Texas writes:

We host an annual trivia night with some church folks every year and this year we did a theme of Christmas in July. I wasn’t aware it was a trend, and didn’t know it took off from TikTok.

Otherwise, I might not have done it. Our host put up the tree (lights and topper only) and we had a few people show up in ugly sweaters for Christmas snacks and Christmas trivia with Christmas music between questions. But I think Christmas in July is fun in moderation, but it definitely shouldn’t be an every year celebration.


I’m starting to get more intel that TikTok is definitely responsible for so much Christmas in July buzz and it needs to stop! I’m not talking about stopping Wes’ church trivia events. I’m talking about these massive 100-person Christmas in July suburbanite parties where the women throw these parties just so they can collect social media content.

Respect summer, dammit!

Perspective as we head into the weekend

• Dateline NBC superfan Mike T. in Idaho writes:

(no subject)

That’s it. I have a busy day ahead of me and a ferry to catch to my 48 hours of living the island lifestyle. Stop out to PIB. The best way to contact me is to hit the email inbox. I don’t trust some of you with my phone number.

Have a great weekend.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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