Halle Berry Goes On Offense About Child Support, Says Paying $16G A Month Is ‘Extortion’

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Going through a breakup and trying to figure out the money portion of who gets what is never easy, and it becomes even more complicated when a couple has a child together.

For huge Hollywood stars, figuring things out what’s fair for each side can be even more difficult.

Recently, Halle Berry has been speaking openly about her ex, Gabriel Aubry, whom she reportedly pays $16,000 monthly child support for their 12-year-old daughter named Nahla.

Berry has gone on offense about paying the large amount of money for their child, calling it “extortion.”

The actress, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the movie Monster’s Ball back in 2001, was never married to Aubry, but was with him from 2005 to 2010.

She took a shot at her former partner, who is a Canadian model, on a site in which a comment was made defending her after a commenter said Aubry used a racist remark against her.

The topic of paying Aubry then came up, which is when the actress went on the offensive.

“It takes great strength eryday to pay it. And BTW it’s wrong and extortion!” Berry wrote.

“Do you believe that men paying alimony and child support is wrong? And is it extortion?” another follower asked.

“I’m not going to speak on alimony as I have never asked for it nor have I ever paid it,” Berry clarified.

“However, as for child support, I feel I can speak on it as I’ve been paying it for a decade now. I feel if a woman or man is having to pay support that is way more than the reasonable needs to help SUPPORT the child, I think that is wrong!”

Nahla is one of two children for Halle. She also has a 7-year-old son, Maceo, with ex-husband, Olivier Martinez.

Berry has been married three times, including a four-year marriage to former MLB player David Justice, to whom she was married to from 1993 to 1997.

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  1. i dated a gorgeous divorced woman of 3 adult daughters. i’m an attorney and divorced.

    she openly boasted about getting half of everything and the marital home. she told me she was reasonable, because she didn’t ask for lifetime alimony. and of course he paid child support initially when her youngest was still a minor.

    when i told her my story it was as if i said nothing at all. its like she lives in a different world then men do. what is good for the goose …

    Karma is making its move …

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