Hailey Van Lith Proves Adidas Colors Work Just Fine At Nike-Wearing LSU With Fire Photoshoot

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Hailey Van Lith may call Nike-wearing LSU home, but the college basketball star still rocks Adidas better than just about anyone in the game.

The former Louisville standout, who transferred to the Bayou a few months back, hit up the gym this week for her first Adidas photoshoot with her new school. As OutKick noted months ago, this could obviously be a point of contention.

In short, LSU is a Nike school. Louisville is an Adidas school, and one where Hailey Van Lith signed a pretty sweet NIL deal.

Not to worry, though — turns out everyone can play just fine together. Van Lith lit up Instagram like a Christmas tree today with a fire photoshoot showing off her bright orange Adidas gear.

Olivia Dunne approves of Hailey Van Lith photoshoot

Like I said, fire. Purple, gold, or orange — it doesn’t matter.

It’s been one hell of a few months for Hailey Van Lith, who is coming off a strong summer that saw her crush an Italian vacation and the WNBA all-star game on back-to-back months.

She also had an impressive run in June by leading Team USA to a gold medal at the 3X3 Basketball World Cup.

Again, not a bad resume as she heads into her first season with the Tigers.

Speaking of … it looks like LSU’s top college star, Olivia Dunne, doesn’t mind a little Adidas flare on campus, either. The popular gymnast was one of over 90,000 people to like Van Lith’s Instagram post shortly after she posted it Wednesday afternoon.

With Dunne’s over 4 million Instagram followers and Van Lith now closing in on a million, it looks like LSU is in good hands for the 2023-24 season.

Buckle up.

Written by Zach Dean

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