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Turns out all I have to do is write about Bora Bora and Switzerland to fire up the email inbox

I mentioned Monday morning how I ended up down a Bora Bora, Maldives and Switzerland 4K YouTube resort rabbit hole and how I wasn’t sold on traveling so far over the Pacific Ocean to stay in some villa where other couples are a 10U house ball fastball away from my own villa.

I’m just not sure that’s what I’m looking for, but the readers weren’t necessarily having it. Let’s dive into the email inbox to read some of the reactions.

• Erwin B., who says he got married in 1972, writes:

We both had very hard-working parents…always content with “what we have”…Ann Marie read an article in National Geographic sometime in the 70s about Bora Bora….and wanting to sometime be able to visit such a beautiful and exotic place…For our 25th anniversary, I surprised her with that trip….Tahiti,Moorea, Bora Bora.   (Where giant clams are literally 24-30inches in diameter …that’s not a misprint)  That was 25 years ago…we celebrated 50 last September.   Life is about working hard…realizing dreams, raising great, self-reliant kids, (of which we have 3…and 8 equally amazing grandkids)…”CHECK…CHECK…AND CHECK

Probably got a little carried away here…Bora Bora…if it’s a dream…follow it!

• Mike from Pasadena, who has traveled around the world hunting for exotic wood, writes:

If you’re into White Sands and Pristine water,  Bora Bora is a MUST. The wife and I went in late 2021.  We spent a couple nights on Moorea in an overwater bungalow, and never noticed our neighbors.   We then got on a giant sailboat (Windstar Cruises) and sailed to most of the Society Islands over the next 6 days. 

The snorkeling was amazing, the beaches were flawless.  Once we got into the more local watering holes and eateries the pricing wasn’t bad at all.  

We toured Bora Bora, and saw WWII era radar and cannon installations,  as well as ancient polynesian ruins Arguably the best vanilla in the world comes from Tahiti not Madagascar,  and we visited a plantation producing it. 

We also toured an Oyster farm,  where they were harvesting huge black pearls.   

The tropical foliage on the islands is nothing short of breathtaking. 

We just returned from Turks and Caicos,  the beach and the water was fantastic,  but sadly not much else to it (and the prices were a bit ridiculous).

We’ve done 3 Hawaiian Islands, as well as St Thomas and St. John in the Virgin Islands and the Turks,  hands down Tahiti/Bora Bora by far the best.  

If I had to choose a close 2nd – it would be St Thomas/St John.

I don’t think you’ll regret Bora Bora. 

Mike from Pasadena adds:

Not to add to your already full editorial plate…but some shots of our time in Tahiti.

• G in IL writes:

I agree with what you mentioned, another thing to consider is the travel to get to and from Bora Bora – your 7 day trip is now 5 because along with the flight to that region you also need to take a puddle jumper to the resort area. Full days’ worth of travel no matter how you slice it. If you have an AMEX and get Hilton points, the Hilton rewards offers the Conrad Bora Bora for a standard night’s reward but you have to hunt for the reservation well in advance; still well worth it to cash in 100k in rewards points vs pay $2500 per night minimum plus expenses.

I’ll take Cozumel for its ease of travel from the States. Proximity to Isla Mujeres and Cancun makes bora bora seem like its not worth the Instagram post. So many great choices in that region and beautiful blue water.

Re: influencer travel, never underestimate how easy it is for one of these types to travel cheaply. Also, as they used to say in the early internet blog days/Instagram days….. ‘tag your sponsor’ probably some fat, wealthy 40 or 50-something guy sitting in the corner in his bathrobe reading screencaps while the “photoshoot” is going on.

• Jason E. writes:

You can’t beat Sandals Resorts for great all-inclusive Caribbean beach vacations. My wife and I have been to a couple of their resorts and have a couple more trips planned in the future. The food and drinks are all great. The staff are friendly and helpful. The resort grounds are immaculate and worthy of TNML hall-of-fame induction.

• Clay W. writes:

Consider Fiji. It’s where Australians ands New Zealanders go like us in the states of to Hawaii.

Perfect weather and water. Great exchange rate for US dollar. (local food cheap) and by far the friendliest people on earth. Honestly welcoming, warm and happy that you are there. Plus a few days there is a great respite from long haul touring in Australian and NZ. PS New Zealand is wonderful as well with a lot to do, fantastic scenery, super clean air. Consider it Hawaii without the tourists.


And New Zealand is home to one of our TNML members!

I had no idea Switzerland is the hottest travel destination for Screencaps readers

• J.T. K writes:

Just got back from Grimmiwald, Murren,Lauterbrunnen. It is better in person. Can’t wait to go back. Best place I have ever visited.

• Patrick F. writes:

I have been to Switzerland in the summer twice. Once in 1987 while doing the college backpack through Europe thing. The second time was last year while visiting my youngest son who goes to university there. As incredible as the photos are, in real life it is even better. One area after another is jaw-dropping.

My son goes to school in Crans-Montana, Valais, Switzerland. Virtually every part of the country is magnificent year round. If you really are planning a trip either alone with Mrs. Screencaps or the whole family, you will be extremely happy. Some quick hits:

  • If you can, fly into Zurich as opposed to Geneva. Geneva is beautiful BUT might be the most expensive city in the world. Flights to Zurich are less plus Zurich is beautiful.
  • No need to rent a car. Get the Eurail Pass. There are all kinds of levels depending on number of days, how many train rides you will need and ages.
  • The trains go EVERYWHERE. They are clean, on time, well appointed, easy on/off and you can see the country while sipping a beer and eating a picnic from your seats.
  • Start getting in hiking/walking miles in now. You will want to be in shape so you can tackle some trails.

Feel free to reach out with questions. I am sure many readers have been there like me, however I suspect not many readers have boots on the ground. He’ll be there for the another month then comes back to the States for a year. He will be working in Utah for one year before going back for his senior year.

• Keith W. writes:

I really try to avoid writing in to you after reading Screencaps as I’m sure there are readers that flood your inbox with any ol’ thought.  However, you mentioned Switzerland.  My wife and I spent a few days there on our honeymoon (11 years ago now, crazy to think!) and yes, it is as amazingly beautiful as you think it is. 

Even better in person. 

Grindelwald is right above Interlaken.  We went to Interlaken, then Lauterbrunnen (and ultimately a hike to tiny Gimmelwald) on our honeymoon.  I imagine Grindelwald is similar to Lauterbrunnen.  It’s definitely beyond amazingly beautiful.  If somehow you find yourself going there, be sure you paraglide in Interlaken.  I didn’t know it at the time (we did it on a whim when we were there and saw the parachutes), but it’s a bucket list item for sure.  We didn’t have kids yet back then, so I’m not sure if your boys could paraglide though.  

The only thing about Switzerland that wasn’t amazing was how expensive everything is.  I’m sure it’s only worse now.  

• John L. writes:

Joe, you should definitely go! Some years ago we were vacationing in Zurich and took a spur-of-the-moment side trip there. We rode the train to Interlaken, then changed trains for the last section. Of course everything in Switzerland is spotless, with incredible natural beauty in this region.

It was summertime and we enjoyed great hiking. I remember hearing and seeing a distant avalanche. Check out the Romantik hotel chain.

P.S.  I have been to a lot of places–but never Bora Bora or the Maldives.  I did enjoy Mauritius, which is in the neighborhood.

• Tom S. in Atlanta writes:

Although not Bora Bora or the Maldives, I was “lucky enough?” to have to travel to Jakarta on business,  so I thought I’d spend the weekend in Bali, such a mystical hyped place. Don’t get me wrong, the people and beauty was evident, and I played two golf courses, 4-wheeled through rice paddy run-off “creeks”, and saw many great temples, etc, and overall, it sucked. You travel all that way, for $$$ and Perth Australians fly over for a nickle and turn much of it into old Panama City, FL… the roads are nearly impossible because of traffic, etc… 

Switzerland is simply fantastic and expensive,  but you rarely get big crowds of tourists or negative vibes. The train from Zurich to Milan is the most spectacular train trip in the world, IMO, a must see in winter. Lots of little Swiss villages and the Swiss do have the best chocolate in the world (Sprungli). 

I’ve done tourist trips all over the globe and get to the best places now before they reduce the numbers (Machu Picchu and Venice) or they oversell/build/let in everybody like what you’re seeing in Bora Bora. 

• Geoff in SD writes:

Good morning from Germany! I’ve written in before about Dadvice from SD, but today I’m writing from Germany, as I’m on the tale end of a 12 day trip through German speaking countries with 57 high schoolers and 8 other chaperones. I’m an Army brat, lived in Germany through high school, but I never dreamt that I’d have a chance to bring kids to see all of these places. Just about everyone thought I was nuts bringing this many kids, but “Do hard things!”

With regard to Switzerland, I can confirm that the Alps defy reality when it comes to beauty. There is so much to see, the people are wonderful, the food is fantastic. This is my wife’s first trip to Europe, so she’s been taking more pictures than I have, largely because I’m convinced that a picture won’t actually capture the beauty that we’re being confronted with.

One of the things that has surprised me the most with the kids is their desire to see the cathedrals and churches. In our neck of the woods, most of the churches have been built in the last 60 years, so they are absolutely nothing to look at. Makes me wonder if we applied the “Do hard things” attitude to building churches, would that have an impact on church attendance?

• And Mike T. in Idaho sent in links to his Swiss travels with Mrs. T. back in 2019. This is an excerpt from one of their dispatches:

The Swiss people are just as we had expected, high and tight. Everything is clean, everything is on time and the views unbelievable!

We would highly recommend Switzerland if you’re in the area!

• Vox writes:

When you’re visiting Switzerland, please consider coming by and staying at our 16th-century chateau for a night or three. We have a US Open-style resin hard court if you like to play tennis and are just a
few minutes away from both the Wallenried Golf Club and about 10 wine domains. We are also friends with the Italian guy who runs the best pizzaria in Switzerland, which is in Fribourg.


I LOVE to hit tennis balls! I LOVE pizza. I’ve never stayed in a 16th-century chateau, but that would be awesome. And just like that, you guys are selling me HARD on Switzerland. Trust me, I’m making notes with all of these emails.

Spotted in the neighborhood

• Ken S. in North Augusta, SC writes:

We all need to remember, and appreciate the contributions from the women in our lives.

Let the record reflect

• Greg B. in SW OH writes:

Seeing how we are both Buckeyes, live in reasonable proximity to one another, and share some similar interests, it is possible we could run into each other. If that happens and my spousal unit is with me, I need the record to reflect that I only read SC for updates on TNML and to remain current with culture. My readership has nothing to do with SYGSI&IL – which is totally true because I read words but look at pictures. 


Greg, I’ll be down your way soon. I’m due for a meeting with a growing list of Dayton, OH TNML members, which is quickly growing. After about a decade of Dayton largely ignoring my Internet work, the last two years have been incredible. I’ve been able to hear from old classmates, people who used to live in the Trotwood area before it became a warzone, and of course, my Kettering contingent led by Mike Freshwater.

Great people.

Women’s World Cup

• Tom M. writes:

Going to be nice to root AGAINST the woman’s soccer team LOL


As a Fox News Corp. employee, I will root for the best ratings in the history of women’s soccer. The USWNT opens Friday night at 9 p.m. against Vietnam.

Biggest Pet Peeve

• Jeff A. asks:

What would you say is your biggest pet peeve?


Chomping on food with your mouth open. Have some decency, people. Take the time to calmly chew the food with your mouth closed.

Pointless meetings

• Mike T. in Idaho sent in this one. How many pointless meetings would you say you sit through on a weekly basis?

Speaking of meetings (it’s not “pointless”), I need to wrap this up and get moving on this bright, not smoky, Tuesday morning. The bird feeders are filled to the top. The plants are looking healthy. The bats took care of the mosquitos last night and it’s going to be a glorious mid-July day in NW Ohio.

Have a great day at work and for those of us who are taking late summer vacations, try your best to get through another day of work. Your time is coming.

Oh, and those of you coming to Put-In-Bay next weekend and needing rooms might want to check the Historic Park Hotel. I just booked there this morning and it’s connected to the Round House. Let’s get some beers. Just remember the rooms don’t have connected bathrooms. It’s a throwback place in a helluva location.


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