Guy Rents A Billboard To Find The Love Of His Life, Attempts To Pickup Reporter Covering The Story

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A Wisconsin man tired of striking out on dating apps is hoping to find that special someone by renting a billboard. “Wisconsin’s #1 Eligible Bachelor,” according to the sign, says he’s “looking for a local, honest woman.” There’s a picture of the man along with a number he encourages women to call or text.

Robert Siegfried, 43, from Janesville, Wisconsin has received a lot of attention for his billboard. He hasn’t found love yet, but a local news station caught wind of his billboard and decided to send a reporter to talk to him about his approach to dating.

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Man rents a billboard to find love (Image Credit: Channel 3000/YouTube)

Siegfried, after admitting that he gets lonely and is looking for someone to spend time with, told the reporter, “Dating sites just weren’t working for me. Match, Tinder, just none of them were working.”

While he hasn’t found Mrs. Right yet, it’s not because the billboard hasn’t stirred up interest in the eligible bachelor. It has. He claims that there have been many people who have reached out.

“You’d be surprised at how many pictures I’m getting,” the selective bachelor said. “It’s crazy. It’s just like, oh, man, next, next, next, next, next.”

Those aren’t the words of a man so lonely he’s renting a billboard to find love. Or are they? During the interview, he attempted to pickup the much younger reporter covering the story.

The reporter politely refused Siegfried’s offer and despite striking out he went on to explain, “Go big or go home. I mean you don’t get any bigger than this.”

He added, “I hope people take it seriously. I hope people take it seriously. Don’t be shy, call me.”

There Might Be A Better Way To Find A Guy Than By Responding To A Billboard Ad

Good news for the honest ladies in the area who haven’t yet seen the billboard. It will be popping up at other locations around town, if hasn’t already.

So what’s a guy in a cowboy hat and sunglasses, with enough money to waste on billboards, doing single anyway?

Well, the report reveals that in addition to being lonely, “Wisconsin’s #1 Eligible Bachelor” had an eventful year last year.

According to court records, he had restraining order put in place against him for a four-year period. He also had a default judgment in a disorderly conduct case involving the Town of Beloit late last year.

So, maybe, proceed with a little caution ladies if you’re planning on reaching out.

Written by Sean Joseph

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