Guy Gets A Vagina Tattoo On His Face, It Was Such A Wild Request That The Artist Tried To Talk Him Out Of It

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No matter how insane something seems, if you can think it, someone’s in all likelihood already doing it. The same can be said for tattoos. What might seem like pure insanity to you, very well could be tattooed on another person’s face.

Having said that, even the most seasoned tattoo artist can run across a request that leaves them in a state of shock. That happened recently to 40-year-old artist Michael Ralph.

Vagina Face Tattoo
Guy gets a vagina tattooed on his face (Image Credit: Jam Press/@mikey5thousand)

The veteran of the ink game revealed, “I got a message that read: ‘I would like to set an appointment to get a semi-realistic vagina tattooed on my face more specifically in my sideburn.'”

Not believing what he was reading, he had to reread the message. Ralph then thought the guy must have lost a bet.

When that wasn’t the case, he made his eventual client wait 30 days to make sure that he really wanted to get the semi-realistic vagina on his face.

After the waiting period, and a warning from Ralph about getting such a tattoo, the guy reached back out and still wanted to get the tattoo.

“I told him it may close doors of opportunity that would be open if he didn’t have a vagina tattooed on his face – that he may lose his job or not get hired in the future,” the tattoo artist said.

“After that, I asked him how old he was, because in my mind, if he was under 25, I might have told him he needed to wait until his brain was fully developed, so there was no regret.”

“Lucky for him he was 26.”

The Face Tattoo Rarely Works In The Favor Of Those Who Get Them

Ralph shared a picture of the insane tattoo on his Instagram page. He called it the craziest tattoo he’s ever done. He started the caption of the post out by saying, “Tell me you never want to get laid again without telling me you never want to get laid again… lol.”

This guy might be 26, but it’s debatable if his brain is fully developed. I’m not one to hate. If he wants a vagina tattooed on his face that’s on him.

I’m happy there are people out there doing these wild things. But I don’t want hear how hard life is and that he can’t find a job and all of that. You made this decision, now you have to live with it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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