Guy Breaks World Record By Jumping From 25,000 Feet Without a Parachute

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I can remember the first time I asked my mom if I could go skydiving with some friends. I was only 17 years old, so I needed parental consent in order to make it happen. When I approached her with the question, she immediately came back with this response:

“Wait a minute, so you’re telling me you want to willingly jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”

Needless to say, I did not go skydiving with my friends.

Now I am trying to imagine myself telling her — or a wife, daughter or someone else who cares about me — that I plan to jump out of that perfectly good airplane without a parachute — at record heights, too. I’m sure that probably wouldn’t over well, even though I no longer need the consent.

This scenario is not one that I made up out of thin air.

Back in 2016, Luke Aikins did just that. Not the telling his mom part, although I’m sure he told someone who thought he was insane. No, I mean that part about jumping out of an airplane from record heights without a parachute.

7,620 meters, to be exact. That’s 25,000 feet, for all you non-math wizards out there, like me.

I was all for jumping out of that airplane at 17. But this? Absolutely not.

I think Kurt Berkes on Twitter is hitting on the right questions when he responded “how does one practice for this?” That’s my first question as well, Kurt. Is this one of those “OK, here’s what you’re going to do” type of situations? If so, good job by Aikins sticking the landing — although he did hit close to the edge.

The best comment I’ve seen so far came when LADbible shared the video. Good ole Anthony responded by pointing out that it was anti-climatic because Aikins landed in a “ginormous net/parachute.”

Not sure what you thought was going to happen, Anthony. But I was really pulling against … you know, a gruesome death.

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